Monday, September 30, 2013

A Comment From An Objector To This Site

Here is a comment from a person who objects to this site's premise and especially my article on "The Immoral Minority" anti-Palin site. I reproduce it sans any remarks of my own as it speaks for itself.
former wasillan

M.JOSEPH SHEPPARD’S "A POINT OF VIEW": Idiot "Gryphen" At Immoral Minority Gets All Confused About Government-Again.
I always laugh at people like you.....denouncing anyone who goes against the palins....I am formerly of Wasilla, and know sarah. Sarah is a compulsive liar, who only liked being governor for the perks and celebrityhood. For your information....she did not give birth to Trig, nor did she receive a 4 yr college degree. She had affairs, she used drugs and religion to get her back on the good side of those she offended. She is a sociopath, a user, and thrives on attention. She uses people for her money....and if you had any credibility, you would seriously look at what she does with her PAC money. After that, take a good look at Todd, a known pimp, who arranged "dates" for oilmen, police, government officials, and sarah's secret service agent during 2008, was later arrested in South America, frequenting prostitutes, and not paying their fees which is what got them busted. Sarah knows this....and neither has responded to even suing his former prostitute, who passed every lie detector test given to her....which is not their usual mode of threatening lawsuits, but never following through....they and the named "johns" ignored it as well. So before you go committing slander against immoral minority, take an investigative look at politicalgates and malia litman's work on palin as well as other journalists.....but I understand the conservative movement now....full of lies and propaganda using Machiavelli's pattern of "the end justifies the means"......please don't throw up people are the worst hypocrites and grifters I have seen .....taking money from people with your rhetoric and propaganda, to serve your greed. He should sue you for your reference to him a sexual predator....which sarah came up with that trying to get him fired after he printed a rumor that divorce might be in the air.....and if you really follow sarah....see how many times she has accused men of being sexual predators to her and her should see a pattern....anyone that disagrees or disapproves of her gets that similar response.

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