Sunday, September 8, 2013

As Chris Christie Wimps Out On Syria Jeb Bush Should State His Position If He Wishes To Be A Serious 2016 Contender

I wrote in  "The American Thinker" that the 2016 presidential election is so important for the future of America, perhaps the last chance for a conservative revival, that an "historic compromise" may have to be accepted by conservatives.  If a 2016 ticket which included Jeb Bush as a representative of the Republican establishment, in partnership with Sarah Palin, should she wish to run or Ted Cruz/Rand Paul was the way to keep Hillary or a radical leftist like Warren away from the supreme Court and social engineering then so be it.

I did not suggest another Romney/Dole/McCain has to be supported-even with a sop to conservatives like Ryan was in 2012 but a genuinely balanced ticket, which can with with the appeal that Bush or Cruz has to Hispanics is acceptable in my opinion-half a loaf is better than a crap sandwich. It is noteworthy that the far left "Daily Kos" has posted an attack on the possibility of a Jeb Bush candidacy as that indicates a clear fear that Bush has the capacity to win as part of a conservative team

Chris Christie who has been touted as a winner for the GOP would have the support of the Establishment, but he has lost the base (even an early acolyte Coulter  said "he is dead to me now because of amnesty"). Further he has shown his stripes by his cowardly backing out of taking a stand on Syria when the likes of Sarah Palin has stood above the parapet (and gained kudos from right and left in doing so). Here's Christie's
sidling away from the issue whilst giving kudos to New Jersey Democrat Senator Menendez on the issue;

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie avoided taking sides on the contentious issue of a U.S. military response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, saying a decision was up to Congress.

Although calling the use of chemical weapons "intolerable," the Republican governor declined to wade into the debate on whether the United States should get involved.

"I'm going to leave that to the people who represent us in Congress to make that decision," Christie said, adding he thought the New Jersey delegation would "do what they think is right for America," 

Jeb Bush, to his credit, has stated his positions on right to life and immigrationit is important that he, in contrast to Christie and in the same manner as Palin, nails his colors to the mast on Syria. Perceived leadership and dedication to principle over expediency is the mark of a statesman and the issue of Syria is an opportunity for Bush to show that he has the capacity to make a stand.

Karl Rove has made his position on Syria clear-he supports intervention. If Jeb Bush has the courage to come out against his brother's mentor, especially as the American public appear overwhelmingly against intervention, then he has the chance to show the conservative base that he is worthy of consideration in a balanced team.

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