Time For “Progressive” Gays To Give Something Back-Quit Palin Hate?

by  M. Joseph Sheppard
With the majority of states now allowing same-sex marriage (mostly by judicial fiat) and the apparent likelihood  of the Supreme Court making a similar ruling for the whole country the homosexual community will have at that point achieved what must have been their major goal.
Using the massive pressure of social media and, above all Hollywood,  a relentless campaign was launched only a relatively short time ago. With Late Night Talk show hosts, daytime TV hosts, and scriptwriters presenting a constant barrage of homosexual support propaganda the atmosphere for the judiciary, not the voters, to make the changes this relatively small members of society wanted was created.
With this societal change, for better or worse depending on ones point of view, seemingly about to be locked in (barring the last resort for traditional marriage supporters a successful convocation of a Convention of States as per Article Five of the Constitution) a number of questions can be raised as to “wither the Gay Rights coalition of homosexuals and their heterosexual advisers​​”
​That the advisers are very much more than that, rather overt supporters is seen by this Daily News article (“Palin Anti-gay pride?”) ​a​nd this
​from​ Mediaite​:​
Rather than donning the team’s signature orange and purple colors, Palin went with a big cowgirl belt and her favorite fast food chain’s logo on a red shirt.
Was this her attempt at showing support once again for the controversially anti-gay marriage restaurant chain? Does it reflect her support for “traditional marriage” in light of the upcoming Supreme Court hearings on the matter?
The first question that comes to mind is what’s next. Do radical Gays see as logical the next step in the breaking down of traditional society by pushing for multiple marriages being legal? Actually that would be a return to the Judeo and Mormon pre-Christian tradition and this historical attachment to traditional religion might see this possible project put on the back burner whilst attitudes to it by the homosexual community are sorted out.
Certainly the argument used to support same-sex marriage “fairness” applies 100% to multiple marriage polygamy or polyandry or “bigamy” to use what might soon be an old fashioned term. The same “fairness” concept also could apply, logically to incest so there are a number of possible avenues open. All of what has been achieved and the possibility of what might further be achieved in social change must have Marxists in near ecstasy as they see the plans set out in Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” come to fruition.
The second question is a political one. What now for the radical Gay community whose obsession with Governor Sarah Palin seemed at times to border on abject paranoia-witness the Andrew Sullivan and Kos Moulitsas’s blogs and “Trig is not Palin’s son” infamy. Radical Gay activist sites like JoeMyGod  “Towelroad”   Gay Vegas and Wonkette saw their editors and readers go into paroxysms of spite whenever a column attacking Palin (which was often) was run.

palin Chick-fil-A gay progressives
Todd and Sarah Palin support Chick-fil-A
PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) is an odd societal manifestation on the left at the best of times but why the “progressive” Gay community should have gone so berserk (see for example this comment section of filth and hate) over the ex-governor is a mystery.
A classic example is from EdgeMediaNetwork which includes, by implication, and with utter dripping sarcasm Governor Palin in the “hateful anti-Gay” category without explaining why, just “well she is. well Sarah Palin​.” On the other hand
Palin actually has quite vociferous lesbian supporters and of course conservative Gay Palin-ites some of whom are at odds with the Gay Conservative establishment.
Even Palin bile spreader Robin Abcarian writing in Lalaland for the ‘Los Angeles Times’ cautioned her readers to just cool it as “she can’t hurt you anymore.” but the Gay sites continued on the attack as if Palin, by herself, could somehow overturn the judicial activists who were delivering the goods.
These conjectures lead to which road the leftist Gay activist community will take. Will they with “mission accomplished” go their own ways, will they look to other aspects of marriage to campaign for moving towards some unspoken agenda? Will they, accept the new status quo and turn their attention to positive activism in the community using their massive power used in campaigning for same-sex marriage to assist underprivileged children for instance?
A broader question would be will this coalition break up and the naturally economic conservative homosexuals move to a Republican party they would then see, post same-sex marriage universality, as being their natural home (especially the uber-rich Hollywood dwellers). This relatively small number of voters might not make much of a difference, especially in California, but the ability to control vast propaganda resources might be of tremendous value to the GOP.
It will also be of much interest to see how Governor Palin is treated, or possibly ignored, once the reality sinks in to this most vociferous activist group that she is not now (and in fact never was) a threat to them personally, or to their agenda, hopefully  sanity will prevail once the euphoria drifts away and fairness and bigheartedness comes in.

Time For “Progressive” Gays To Give So