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Palin At CPAC Destroys These 25 Pundits Who Said She's "Finished" After Iowa.

Really looks like conservatives don't like Palin doesn't it /sarc
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After Governor Palin's address at the Freedom Summit in Iowa in January there was a veritable explosion of rancor, hate and downright poor manners across the entire spectrum of the various media. It was like there had been a massive powder keg of built up hate just waiting for the tiniest spark (or illusion of one) to cause this massive explosion-and massive, as I will show below, is no exaggeration.

The incredible unleashing of venom from left right and middle media was so ridiculously out of proportion. After all, it was just one speech which was, in some peoples view, delivered sub-optimally after a teleprompter breakdown.  

If President Obama, who of course has delivered poor speeches after similar mishaps, were to be also so attacked for a bad speech there would be dozens of such outrages, but of course there has not been. On the other hand it says something for the quality of Palin's public events that the media had to wait six years for their chance-they are rather pathetic are they not?

Clearly something deeper was involved. On the left the media finally saw their chance to dump their excrement on Palin (which Bashir failed at but they did successfully) for 6 years of, rightly, being called out for their slavish Obama enabling and worship. 

The centrists see Palin as possible threat to their anointed one (or ones if a fall back is required) Jeb Bush or Christie-it being no coincidence that their attack came after Iowa where of course the first primary takes place. The "conservatives" who used the event as an excuse to distance themselves from Palin also perceive her as a threat to their choices and took the occasion, with wails of mea culpa, to try and nip any idea she has of running in the bud.

As for the "progressives"  like Maher and Daily Kos etc, it was just another day at the office for their six year run of snide arrogant elitist hate.

Here are the pundits that Palin took to the woodshed at CPAC. They are irrelevant, many are utter hacks, most just went for clickbait with journalistic integrity be damned. They should eat a double serving of crow if they had an iota of professionalism.

Once again the media writes Palin off in a show of Beltway elitism. Once again she grinds their collective noses in the dirt

 Politico's Roger Simon takes childishness/partisanship to new heights with Palin pictured above headline "The GOP angel of death." "In any case, she has now gone from a hopeless candidate to a laughably hopeless candidate. The media will never take her seriously again. The Grim Reaper has done its job."

Read more:"


This one by Matt Lewis started the whole rat pack/jackal Palin savaging-a ridiculous mea culpa. The whole idea that one speech can suddenly transform 6 years of support is bordering on madness. That Obama/Biden/Wasserman Schultz can spout utter balderdash with gaffe after gaffe and be excused by the media is preposterous in light of what Matt Lewis and this carnival of ghouls have done.

"You Betcha I Was Wrong About Sarah Palin"

Which led to what appears to be the last "journalist" at the rubbish bin for the leftovers one
(of course) who actually criticizes Matt Lewis for being too soft on Palin!

"The Sarah Palin Criticism: Valentine's Day Edition" link


"Conservative" C.W.Cooke was the left media's favorite Palin attacker as he was held up as proof positive that "the conservatives have finally thrown  Palin under the bus" or disowned her etc etc. It is a classic example of how the media views itself as the arbiter of all things that one or two purported conservatives opinions can speak for the entire conservative movement. But facts, what are they when a meme is being disseminated-really who the heck is Charles C.W.Cooke at the end of the day? 

Delighted to have found I was not alone in my opinion of Cooke. I ran a poll "Which journalist write the most hateful anti-Palin piece post CPAC" and with over 3000 views Cooke was the winner.

What a load of pompous twaddle from Cooke at National Review, with no mention that Sam Clovis had been beaten by Plain endorsed Joni Ernst for the GOP's Iowa senate candidacy. 
He would struggle to embarrass himself further in my opinion. An utterly exploded reputation, such as it was, in pursuit of what-centrist appreciation?

Her recent performance in Iowa should disqualify her from any role in the GOP going forward. 

“an interminable ramble,” said Iowa professor Sam Clovis.

"Left some wondering what role she should play in Republican politics as the 2016 race begins.”

This, I think, is a good question, and one to which I have a modest answer: How about . . . none? Instead, Palin should leave the field to those who are in possession of genuine political aspirations

Having been mercilessly and unjustly pilloried by the media throughout the 2008 campaign, Sarah Palin had a clear choice in its aftermath: She could sober up and prove the buggers wrong, or she could collapse into ignominious pasquinade. Sadly, she chose the latter. The rest of us should choose to move on."

But it only took a few days for the real truth behind Cooke's  trashing of Palin where Cooke at NRO shows head over heels Scott Walker love;"Media’s Embarrassing Scott Walker Spectacle"


The other "conservative" the left rolled in the dirt with was Brooksian Byron York who at least advised who Clovis was but then went on to quote the classic anonymous source.  Another reputation exploded in pomposity-and again, for what and at what cost in dignity ?

"Republican Party Faces Its Palin Problem"

By Byron YorkWashington Examiner - January 26, 2015

"I know she is popular, but it is hard to take her seriously given that performance," said Sam Clovis, the conservative Iowa college professor, radio commentator, and sometime political candidate.

"Calling Gov. Palin's remarks bizarre and disjointed would be charitable," said a well-connected Iowa Republican. "Her shelf-life, even with the most conservative voters in our party, seems to be near the end. In a day filled with strong performances from likely candidates ranging from Scott Walker to Ted Cruz, her remarks were a distraction."


Bill Scher at Politico spews endless Establishment venom and ends up getting it completely wrong

the conservative movement wrote Sarah Palin out  The twin falls of Romney and Palin last week are solid evidence that the party wants to shape up and jettison any distractions.

Not only did conservative opinion leaders widely pan Palin’s ramblings, extinguishing whatever fire she may have had for a run,

Read more:


____From the bizarre left via Twitter


Pure glee from Palin hate site Huffington Post's Chris Weigant but completely wrong;

Friday Talking Points -- Sarah Palin, Under the Republican Bus Chris Weigant

That headline certainly does promise a large amount of schadenfreude over the misfortunes of a certain former vice presidential nominee (and half-term governor of Alaska), doesn't it? 


Some nonentity named Jay Bookman comes off as a fool and a laughing stock as it turns out;

"The GOP’s ‘Palin problem’ is much bigger than one person” 

Palin too is a victim in this. She found herself thrust into a situation for which she was totally unprepared and ill-equipped, a situation in which she was guaranteed to come off as a fool and eventually a laughingstock, and that is exactly what has come to pass. She’s an object of pity,


Utter buffoons:

"But while nobody decisively “won” the Freedom Summit, a clear loser did emerge.

Sarah Palin Her speech was so insane that GOP luminaries have started to dismiss her as a camera-happy basketcase. So we’re giving a thanks-for-the-laughs-before-all-the-politics-get-ugly LAUREL to Sarah Palin."


Both Mediaite's Feldman and Bill Maher are comedians and not to be taken seriously, but both deserve this metaphoric kick in the pants;

Maher to Republicans Finally Dumping on Palin: ‘What Took You So Long?!
by Josh Feldman | 11:17 pm, February 6th, 2015 Mediaite

Bill Maher ended his show tonight finally talking about Sarah Palin‘s rambling Iowa speech that was the final straw for many Republicans and conservatives. But Maher had just one question for them: “What took you so long?!”

Maher mocked the revelation as an “emperor has no clues” situation and asked Republicans why they took so long, saying, “The rest of us have been watching this dog eat grass for seven years!”

However, while Maher was glad that many conservatives are finally admitting Palin “is a crazy person,” he said they should maybe consider what else they’ve been “wrong” about, like climate change or trickle-down economics.


Professor Tures asks the most stupid of questions -one feels for his students:

John A. Tures: "Who wants a woman President?" 

When asked whether the respondent hoped there would be a female president, only 16 percent of GOP men and 20 percent of Republican women said yes. Could it be because of Sarah Palin?

John A. Tures, associate professor of political science, LaGrange College;


Charles P. Pierce is an even bigger buffoon than Maher and has been on an endless Palin hate binge-one questions his mental situation;

Charles P. Pierce esquire 

"I think we have found the actual target audience for the rhetorical episode that happened to Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods this weekend"


This is just plain ridiculous. Palin had 21 winners out 23 she endorsed and is slowly but surely populating Congress with Tea Party members;

Media Matters Eric Boehlert be-clowns himself

"Sarah Palin And The Demise Of Tea Party Media

After six years conservatives have essentially conceded what Palin's critics on the Left have said all along: She's not a serious person and she serves no serious political purpose"

*********************************************************************************Joe Scarborough is just a showman of course but still, there has to some standards, and his ramblings deserve the spotlight;

Morning Joe ;'Palin's speech last weekend at a conservative confab in Iowa, odd and vacuous even by her standards, served as the trigger for the media mutiny. Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough tagged it "a tragedy


One becomes, almost, accepting of the level of idiocy and wishful thinking that permeates them media. Here is a classic

Stella Morabito The Federalist


Because Sanchez and Lawler say so it might be true in their world which has next to nothing to do with the real world:

"Sarah Palin: how the Republicans finally gave up on their bizarre former candidate"

Raf Sanchez and David Lawler The Daily Telegraph


Unmatched for misogyny and juvenile 'writing" pure Palin derangement:

The Daily Beast  James Poulos

"The Next Palin Is in Your Pigsty

The Embarracuda is finished."


Weigel, in full silly flood. He is a classic really.

Dave Weigel Bloomberg Politics; "The question isn't really whether a post-Iowa Freedom Summit Palin is a credible presidential candidate. She isn't."


Far left fraud etc;

The Rachel (Maddow) Blog Steve Bennen

"When a far-right fraud wears out her welcome"


Chris Hayes, another silly person

ALL IN WITH CHRIS HAYES, 1/28/15, 8:29 PM 'ET Red State Slam Poetry'


For sheer rank Palin hate and getting it so terribly terribly wrong whilst engaging in Brian Williams flights of condescending arrogance Tumulty is the pick of the crap;

Washington Post Karen Tumulty

"Sarah Palin and her onetime fans on the right: It’s so over"


Bill O'Reilly

"All these GOP contenders thinking about running for president, like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin,’ and he named some others — and he said, ‘Oh, what a reality show that would be, yuck yuck,’"


Emily Zanotti strikes out as a journalist:

American Spectator



Marvelously pompous editorial board gets it utterly wrong:

Concord Monitor

Editorial: 'Candidate Palin? Those days are over'

Monday, January 26, 2015

(Published in print: Tuesday, January 27, 2015)

"Whether she knows it or not, Sarah Palin penned her own political obituary during the Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines on Saturday."


Dear old David Frum-fossilized Establishment elitism that should be in a museum. How he hates Palin and the America she stands for-how Obama's "cling to guns and religion" must have resonated deep within him.

"Republicans have totally seen through Sarah Palin. That’s why Ben Carson is topping the early GOP preference polls"

Late to the scavenger hunt party Screenwriter and columnist  spews at (Huffington Post naturally)

Where he rehashes Matt Lewis spiel and adds venomous sarcasm of his own."Screenwriter' really says all you need to know about where he is coming from as he fits the archetypal denizen of that pit of liberalism perfectly.

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