Wednesday, March 18, 2015

American Winners-Palin Being Biggest Winner-& Losers From Israeli Election

Once again the polling firms fall flat on their respective faces-with Sarah Palin's dictum "polls are for strippers" moving from an anecdote into accepted wisdom category. This latest disaster for the psephologists "art"refers to the exit polls after Israel's election having Prime Minister Netanyahu's Likud party four seats behind the leftist opposition and ending up six seats ahead-a turnaround of ten seats!

Of course the pollsters were not the only losers from the Israeli elections, the newspaper Haaretz and of course the opposition leaders Herzog and Livni were obviously on the wrong side of the electoral ledger.
But they were joined in this downfall by their American sympathizers and, if the rumors are to be believed, by their abettors in the Obama administration.

Joining the Israeli opposition in defeat is, clearly, President Obama who pointedly refused to meet with Prime Minster Netanyahu before or after his historic address to Congress. 

All that he achieved by this is to now have to deal with a markedly strengthened Netanyahu who will be in office long after President Obama has left. The strength of the Obama circles feeling was strikingly set out in an amazingly petulant Tweet from Obama confidant David Axelrod;

And there were the various journalist who let their wishful thinking and prejudices guide their pens;

"opposition poised to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party" Paul Waldman Washington Post
"On Election Eve All Signs Point to Benjamin Netanyahu Defeat"
NBC News" Meet Isaac Herzog, Who Could Defeat Netanyahu"

But as there are losers, so too are there winners, and in America the winners have had their reputations hugely enhanced. Enhanced not so much because of prognostications or plain politics, but because their stances were, variously, based on a solid foundation of  a perceived notion of what is best and right for America, ethics, moral values, and Godly imperative.

Here are some of the major notables whose statements, not just subsequent to the election but well before it, encapsulate those eternal values.

Governor Sarah Palin

That Star of David wearing, Israeli flag flying Palin has been a steadfast supporter of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu for years is indisputable. That she sees Israel as a bulwark of defense for America, a land of religious faith for Jews and Christians alike is beyond dispute. That she sees a nuclear weaponed Iran as a real and present danger to not only Israel, but America, is clear and a reason to support Israel's position vis a vis the Obama administrations current negotiations with Iran. 

Has there been one other potential GOP presidential candidate who has had their reputation enhanced by Netanyahu's victory-absolutely not. Certainly those who viewed Rand Paul's commitment to Israel, because of family and supporters history will not be more enamored of Paul if the choice came down to Palin (or her endorsed candidate) and Rand

That her stance is seen as impassioned, moral and in America's interest was noted by the +150,000 so far, who "liked" this Facebook comment: 

"Congratulations, Prime Minister Netanyahu. Thank you to the good people of Israel for supporting a leader who will stand up and fight for all the free world while other leaders sit down. The Heartland of America will sleep better knowing Bibi remains the voice of reason and strength in the beautiful nation of Israel; for when Israel is safe, we are safe."

- Sarah Palin

Should Palin decide to run for president her steadfast and unchanging support for Israel added to her other steadfastly held conservative principles will mark her as a genuine, non flip-flopping alternative. Netanyahu's victory burnishes the credentials.

House Speaker John Boehner

Whatever conservatives had though of Speaker Boehner in the past, and it is fair to say the sentiments have not been too kindly, and whatever they may think of him in the future there is no doubt that his inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress has endeared him, if only for a brief shiny moment, to Israel supporting conservatives. 

The invitation, engendering substantial negativity form the liberal media and obvious annoyance from the Obama administration endeared him to the right. The possibility that Netanyahu's address contributed to the turnaround in Likud's polling fortunes has no doubt caused Boehner's star to shine that much brighter-even if it is only a shooting star.

Senator Tom Cotton 

The new senator from Arkansas has been at the receiving end of the full "Palinization" treatment from the liberal media and especially the "progressive" hate blogs. His crime? Senator Cotton appeared to the media as the prime mover behind a letter "sent" by 46 other Republican senators to the Iranian leaders warning them that any deal hatched by the Obama administration could be "modified or cancelled by a future president or by congressional action"

Senator Cotton had the nerve to not only not change his position but to advise he had "no regrets" in taking it. The re-election of Netanyahu and the obvious implications for the now strengthened Israeli governments attitude to Iran and to the Obama administrations bargaining position has enhanced Senator Cottons statements and his reputation for good judgement. The MSM has, once again enhanced and enabled a career,as they did with Governor Walker, by over the top attacks.

Ambassador John Bolton

Former U.N. Ambassador Bolton has been steadfast in his strong foreign policy statements which are uncompromisingly pro-America and pro-Israel. Pushed aside as a' "neocon" and some sort of warrior relic of the Bush years Bolton has nevertheless not moved an inch form the values and scruples that marked his tenure in public service.

That his time has come again has been proven by uncompromising statement on the Israeli elections;" The White House has done everything they can to defeat Netanyahu." and " Middle East nuclear arms race is already underway."

Ambassador Bolton must surely be now considered a front runner for Foreign Secretary in the next Republican administration.

Columnist Bill Kristol

As with Ambassador Bolton Bill Kristol was marginalized in the leftist media with the Obama ascendancy and put out to pasture by them in the "neocon" corral. As with Bolton, Kristol has been proven right by Netanyahu's victory which is also a victory for all those who, like him, held steadfastly and a doggedly to the best interests of America through years of appeasers and wrongheaded dogmatics in charge. His voice, as witty and acerbic as ever, added to the similarly like minded and clear sighted is now back at the highest levels of public discourse.

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