Friday, March 20, 2015

Tim Pawlenty For President 2016?

No of course not. I should have, more properly, titled this opinion piece "Tim Pawlenty" 2016? That would have conveyed to readers, once they had got over their shock of thinking I would actually propose "the" Tim Pawlenty  for president in any year, some idea of where I was going with this.

The basic premise is that perhaps America needs an end to "interesting times" after 16 years of Presidents Bush and Obama. I couldn't think of a more boring and nondescript previous presidential candidate than Pawlenty so, for my purposes, he serves as the base line as the highest level of excitement America might put up with in a future president. I considered Jon Huntsman but although he matches Pawlenty in being utterly uninspiring, his Mormon faith brings with it a degree of controversy and that disqualifies him for this exercise.

Dylan Byers at Politico did a piece on the ratings demise of MSNBC where he stated 

"MSNBC's defenders will often argue that the network's woes are due to Americans' waning interest in politics and liberals disenchantment with President Barack Obama"

Byers then canvassed the heights of MSNBC's success during the "incendiary Olberman attacks on the Bush administration" era and concluded on the probable Hillary Clinton campaign and possible presidency.

"Gone was the enthusiasm of the "hope and change" era, gone was the promise of an uplifting campaign that could usher in a new era of progressivism. Gone too were the viewers"

Surely part of the media's current feeding frenzy about Hilary's "Emailgate" is the fond hope, even by those on the left, that somehow Hillary can be derailed and the nation won't have to suffer through four years of endless Clinton scandals and an extension of the current divisive malaise that  encapsulates the latter Obama years.

If liberals are "disenchanted" with President Obama how much more so are conservatives? Perhaps both camps have reached a point where they can agree on one thing-we all need a break and "it's time" and "the one' means it's time for another "silent Cal" Coolidge president.

President Coolidge, a man of a few words and actions presided over what was one of the happiest times in American history and was loved for his hands off, even somnambulist approach to government. Certainly society had its major faults but for its time and place there was prosperity and peace and quiet-a similar such administration at this juncture would be a blessing-surely.

The liberal agenda, such as it was, has been more or less fulfilled, the conservatives control America's legislative chambers in a near unprecedented manner and can put  a stop to whatever the now minority left has in mind. The final element in a return to a President Harding "Normalcy" would be the election of a "do nothing" president. 

In this case both sides could agree that the term "do nothing president" would be a blessed relief and not a title of shame for a wonderful hiatus of four years of letting us all go about our business free from great speech makers or worse charismatic politicians. The reality is that the reserve bank runs the country and grand political schemes from grand schemers are most often more  trouble than they are worth

Is there anyone on the political horizon that we could rally around as the non-charismatic, none hope and change, non-inspiring president? Actually there is a good bench John Thune struggles to come to mind (which is a good thing) and has declined to run, which is a strong point in his favor. John Kasich comes to mind (vaguely) in fact anyone whose name most people would probably to respond with "who" might do.

However of those who have expressed an interest in running (which is a bad thing as it shows a possibly dangerous degree of enthusiasm) a total nonentity like Harding who had no chance until he was bargained into the role, is required at this point.

Former New York Governor George Pataki (who? you say-which is perfect) has had his presidential intentions, slight as they were, laughed out of court, as they were in 2008 and 2012 which is ideal.

He is a boring speaker and has the grayest of gray personalities, I think America may have found their man. "Pataki for President 2016" has the dullest ring to its bell-go for it George, nobody is behind you, is concerned about you or is inspired by you-perfect.

                                            OUR NON-HERO?

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