One Dinah Silverstein writing  at ‘The Times of Israel’ states the following absurdity;

“More recently, racist hate speech against Muslims inspired Anders Behring Breivik to slaughter 77 people in Norway, while hate speech from the likes of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh incited right-wing extremist Jared Lee Loughner to go on a shooting spree in Arizona.”
This statement appeared in an article entitled, and yes it is almost beyond belief ;

‘America Desperately Needs a Hate Speech Law’

That irony, self-awareness and honesty are facts of life the”progressive” left seems unacquainted with is a given. But, even so, that a writer could be so blinded by dogma and hate to actually include in an article supposedly against “hate speech’ a statement so full of hate, errors and such a gross calumny is astounding.

*The times Of Israel removed the article after American Journal covered the story.

That there was no connection whatsoever between anything Palin said or did and the clearly insane Loughner is accepted by even those who knee-jerked such a connection at the time of his shooting rampage.
That Loughner, a registered Independent with early views described as “left wing, quite liberal,” “radical.” was not a ‘right-wing extremist’ is clear, that he saw Palin’s ‘cross-hairs” on Gabby Gifford’s congressional seat in a pamphlet is dubious, that he was obsessed with Gifford’s was known, the fact that Democrat’s and the far-left ‘Daily Kos’ had both put out“target” media came out after their idiotic attacks on Palin (which shut them up).
Robert Stacy McCain  wrote a history of the media’s Loughner madness highlighting the liberal haters who attempted to tie Palin to it; ‘Vain in their imaginations’ God haters and the Tuscon massacre.” in  2011.
Nothing  has changed for the left, the Alinskyite tactics of repeating the big lie over and over, shamelessly and without any scruples continues. To include such a preposterous attack in a long column decrying exactly the same thing breaks new grounds however.
To tie in Palin and Limbaugh with mass murderer of 77 young people, the Norwegian psychopath Anders Behring Breivik is near insanity itself. That sort of hate and insanity was pointedly illustrated  by R.S. McCain”
“University of Minnesota biology professor Paul Z. Myers — a self-proclaimed “godless liberal” — who like a lot of other godless liberals was utterly wrong about the Tucson shooting:
Professor Myers went on to call Sarah Palin “a vile creature” and accused her of ” inciting the deranged a–holes who follow her.” When called out for his malicious libel, Professor Myers doubled down:
“This is NOT the time to back down.”
Clearly not then in Myers utterly warped statement and clearly still not in Silverstein’s, the heir of Myers and his ilk. The 2016 presidential election is clearly the choice between the “progressive” world view of the likes of Myers and Silverstein and the traditional values of conservative Americans which will have been under attack for eight years.
If the “progressives’ win then America will have sunk into a moral abyss that countenances murder by psychotics as a valid political tool.