WSJ: ‘Hillary Announcing In April’ Palin To Do A “2008” Announce Next Day?

The Wall Street Journal advised that (via the usual “aides/sources/people”) “Hillary Clinton Seen Launching Presidential Bid in April.” The reasons for making the obvious, her candidacy, a fact were set out as “the need to get fundraising underway (as if it hadn't been for ages) and to “ease uncertainties.”
That front and center transparent fundraising is important at this time is clear giving the mess that “even the liberal media is fed up with’ in respect of foreign money pouring into the Clinton Foundation. That the “uncertainty” matter is a ridiculous joke given there is no real challenge to her means that the “uncertainty’ has different aspects.
It is clear that a splintering Democratic party would be a disaster for Hillary’s 2016 hopes, and that Elizabeth Warren, Sanders is of course a joke, is perceived to be the possible focus of such splintering “Centrist Democrats are gathering their forces to fight back against the “Elizabeth Warren wing” of their party, fearing a sharp turn to the left could prove disastrous in the 2016 elections.”
Even Establishment figure par excellence Warren Buffet entering the fray against her which is of course a red rag to the progressive bull “Warren Buffett Says Elizabeth Warren Is Too ‘Angry’ And ‘Violent’ With Rich People’
So apparently for reason spurious and hidden in the background real there is a very strong possibility that Hillary Clinton would announce sometime in April. Is there any event, so volcanic, that could possibly take the air out of such an announcement “the first female presidential candidate for a major party”?
The answer most decidedly yes and, of course, it happened once before and under strangely similar circumstances.
After the Senator Barack Obama won his seemingly endless battle for the Democratic nomination against Hillary in 2008 the Democratic convention was set to be a coronation, a healing and the scene for the first step in “the first Black President” to unfold. The convention was a love fest concluding on the 28th of August with Obama accepting his nomination in front of a rapturous 84,000 in person and millions on television in the special stadium the convention moved to.
Nothing on earth, it seemed, could stop this massive, united juggernaut from steamrolling the ancient John McCain. But the something did happen. McCain, out of the deepest left field imaginable and taking the Democrats and the media totally by surprise named the little know Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin as his running mate on August 30th. At that point all that Obama and his team had done, all the mass media coverage and speculation vanished, as if literally “gone with the wind’.