Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Twitter, Google, Blogs, MSM-Goodbye To All That

Today I closed my Twitter, Google and FaceBook "alerts" Hot Air and C4P accounts.

The terrible, shocking events in Dallas, Nice, New Orleans,Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan and elsewhere weighed heavily on me but, by themselves they were little different to what the world has experienced many times. Although these events being so close together amplified the injustices, hate and madness that humanity is sadly prone to.

They by themselves were not enough to have me close my various accounts but reading the endless rants in the various sites pubic comments sections were.

There is no personal attack so vile, so foul mouthed so based on lies and deliberate distortions that won't be Tweeted and blogged and stated. I found myself answering these vile creatures, which is of course utterly silly as it has absolutely no effect as facts are meaningless to them.

What that does of course is not only to drag one into the dark and sad world of haters, but brings out the worst in oneself. I am unable to be involved in an atmosphere of childishness, pettiness, point scoring, immaturity and indeed madness. It is ridiculous to entertain the thoughts of such persons and the negativity they create and one absorbs, my only regret is that I involved myself in that world for so long.

There are of course some excellent Bloggers, Jim Hoft, RS McCain and Smitty at The Other McCain, Iz and Steve at C4P for example, and I will miss reading their thoughts and occasionally interacting. But their boats sail in a miasma and I don't have the strength of character they have to keep their sails afloat as they circumnavigate the sewer that is the blogsphere generally.

Lets be clear, the media is basically the partisan press and the columnists are mouthpieces for the media owners. There is no point for a conservative to read anything that comes out of e.g the NY and and L.A. Times or Washington Post. The better path is to totally ignore such organs of leftism.

The page views for this site will of course decline but for those who appreciate a conservative, Christian and hopefully ethical/factual point of view their continued visiting is of course appreciated as is that of any lost soul who stumbles upon this site.

Regards to all of good will.