Monday, August 22, 2016

Hillary's "Campaign" An Insult To Voters

Where is Hillary? Is there in actuality a Democratic candidate? One would be forgiven, surely, for thinking there isn't one given the so called campaign that Hillary Clinton is "running".

Is not holding large public meetings (presuming she could in fact gather a large enough audience to fill a substantial venue) an acceptable manner of running for the highest office in the land?

Is not presenting policies in a detailed version on the campaign trail instead of just  shouting slogans the proper manner of giving the voters a reasoned choice?

Is not holding a single press conference in 267 days, which even the Washington Post considers a scandal, acceptable.

Is not forthrightly answering questions as to the state of her health giving the public confidence that she could stand the strains of office.

Is just parroting and criticizing Donald Trump's statements instead of discussing her own vision for America not an insult to voters?

There has not been a presidential candidate in living memory who has conducted such a negative, small and obscure campaign. 

Even those candidates, presidents running for reelection and taking the 'demands of the office' manner still had more public meetings and made more policy statements than Clinton.

It appears that Clinton thinks she can just waltz to the election by raising money and hiding from the public whilst being aided and abetted by a compliant and complicit media. 

This is pure arrogance and can lead to the end result of the Brexit team whose arrogance led to their shock defeat and "Dewey defeats Truman."

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