Thursday, August 4, 2016

Top 10 Reasons Why Hillary's Crowds Are So Small

1. It's summer and she blots out the sun-people can't stand the sudden chill

2. Her events take place Monday to Sunday-days when folks are just too busy

3. Frankly, hardly anyone likes her

4 When you've heard one lie-well you've heard them all

5. They saw her in 2008-once is enough

6. She drags poor old Bill along-nobody likes  to see elder abuse

7. It's too dangerous-remember she was "under fire in Sarajevo" so why take a chance

8. People are afraid their cellphones and tablets will be tapped and show up on Wiki

9. Women are afraid they will be "style-shamed" by Hillary's pantsuits

10. Trump's event is just down the road

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