Monday, March 15, 2010

First Glimpse Of President Palin

During her address to the "Taking Our Country Back Tour" event in Tulsa Oklahoma Saturday we saw a new, striking, Sarah Palin. We have been used to the folksy, bright, sparkly and occasionally wickedly biting and wonderfully humorous speaking style that usually comprises a Palin speech- that night something new and dramatic happened.

In a standard Palin speech there are of course the serious policy elements but it is the style and the unique Palin cadence which have defined what we have come to know and expect a Palin speech to be like. This style has, too date,  helped to define Palin, for friend and foe alike, in the public's mind.

What was on display in Tulsa was a new and hugely important element. It is clearly shown in the part of the speech where Palin talks about taking back America. There is only one word that can be used to describe this new element-it is gravitas. Palin was serious in mien, serious in intent and, certainly for the first time I have seen, this seriousness was expressed in a voice which can only be described as Presidential.

This new voice was, seemingly deeper, flatter i.e. with little emotional rise and fall cadence, yet gripping. Its very solidity compelled the listener to listen and watch intently as the tone conveyed a subtle command that attention was required. There were clearly echoes of JFK in the overall impression her voice conveyed.

Palin has gone through tempering process which most people, even experienced politicians would falter under. That she has come through the forging fire stronger than ever was transmitted in the new voice. Compare the voice of Tulsa with her VP  nomination acceptance speech, which for its time and place was uniquely compelling, it is clear there is a new, take no nonsense person on the American stage.

We have heard in Tulsa for the first time something we as a nation will get used to, will come to respect and in the fullness of time, will love-the voice of a President.

An example of this new,strong and compelling confident voice of a leader is

here  (after the Glen Beck opening.)

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