Saturday, March 6, 2010

Surprise! Palin Audience Finds Her "Neither Dope Nor Trigger Happy Hick"

A man who attended Sarah Palin's address at the BMO Centre in Calgary posted a blog report which he titled "An Uneventful Evening with Sarah Palin:" and commenced his report thusly;

"One thing can be put to rest: Sarah Palin is no more or less than what she appears to be. Earnest? Absolutely. Witty in her own way? Kind of. Folksy? You betcha. But she is neither the dope nor the trigger happy hick as portrayed by the largely liberal media in the U.S., and she makes good common sense on many fronts, especially in her suspicions of politicians — of any stripe".

He advises that he does not take the political positions necessarily that Palin does but it is clear he came away respecting her as a person. What this shows, and he clearly alludes to it, is that the U.S. left-wing liberal media have so distorted the real Palin through an unending cascade of vilification that they have created a she devil who bears no resemblance to the living person.

Cleary the blogger was taken aback to find the character was not as characterised. The end result of this will be the same sort of backlash that is hitting the Democratic party and Obama but in reverse.

The public have well woken up to the fact they were sold a bill of goods by the liberal media. The bill of lading should have been "One empty suit, only slightly used" (Caveat Emptor).

But it was packaged as "New, improved hope and change" Now that the public have found that the goods are not as labelled and they have to wait three years before being able to trade the model in they have reacted in the only way they can by dumping all products associated with the non-returnable one as soon as their use- by period expires (a mass dumping is coming in November).

As Palin is seen by more and more people and they find she is, as this gentleman finds,
(in fact he goes on to describe her, quite perspicaciously, as "comfortingly slightly boring") there will be a similar backlash against the MSM which has done all it can to try and fool the public about the real Palin

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