Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HillBuzz Does The Funniest One Liners On Romney

This from the clever and witty HillBuzz folks who I admire for their clear sightedness about Palin throughout all the mud slinging at her from left (and sadly ) right. I also agree with them 100% about Hillary and admire their same loyalty to Palin.

I also admire their sense of humor of which these Romney zingers are an illustration !

"Romney could hold a dozen nuns hostage at knife point in the middle of a crowded shopping mall and hardly anyone would notice. MAYBE the media would report on it, if a semi-famous rapper happened to be nearby, like with Romney’s recent altercation on an airplane.

Romney could set himself on fire and perform nude Cirque du Soleit acrobatics on live television and most of the country would still not pay any attention to him."

Go guys.

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