Monday, April 29, 2013

The Schoenkopf (Wonkette) Letters;Six Shocking Words And Your Place In Eternity

and I love you too. I hope you have a marvelous evening. We shall be opposite-beliefs/parties/and opinions friends.

 Okay, dear. God will sort us all out.

Visitors to the leftist political site "Wonkette" will know that "A Point of View" has figured significantly in their presentation-being the subject of a major article which attracted substantial comments. Even though I mention Wonkette and its editor, one self-styled "Commie Girl" Rebecca Schoenkopf on occasion, that is apparently not enough to satisfy that sites seeming insatiable demand for my observations as a number of their "columnists" have wistfully looked for them.

That is of course understandable given the tenor of the articles at the "satire" site and the ability of their assorted part time writers. However, I have enough to do without providing quality items to lift their image/profile. I did suggest an occasional guest article, as it is a duty to assist the uninformed where one can, but apparent lack of foresight, sadly, meant that darkness continues where light should shine.

In the course of my correspondence with an absolutely lovely Catholic lady who Tweets a substantial stream of uplifting comments on things Catholic, moral and conservative, I mentioned a Wonkette attack on the Catholic, moral and conservative Rick Santorum who is admired by this lady.

The Wonkette editor, Schoenkopf, initiated a correspondence with her and, since good can be found in nearly all, revealed in said dialogue a personality which, although clearly misguided in some areas, is not lacking in basic human respect where due. Even I myself have been the recipient of a few words which were not a million miles from civility  (even though there were tied to base fundraising).

I show the end dialogue between the two noble ladies at the commencement of this article (there being no particular reason to burden the reader with the preceding political aspects of the correspondence) as a massive oak has grown from a seemingly small acorn-a miracle in itself.

What can we garner from this seemingly most pleasant , civilized and apparently innocuous dialogue? For those with eyes to see and ears to hear there is, in six words, eternity calling.

If someone, of obvious sincerity, said to me in response to my presenting a moral or social or political position that touched on the eternal verities "God will sort us all out" I would endeavour to recover my shaken equilibrium. Once achieved, I would immediately put all current matters on the back-burner and undergo a period of introspection for as long as it took to fully consider those words, and my relation to them.

Having duly done so over the last few days I came to this conclusion. If in respect of my moral, political, religious beliefs God was to, indeed, sort me out I would hope that when the sorting (or winnowing if one wants to use a biblical term) came my beliefs, and the actions that followed on from them, would see God put me in the sorted column marked "saved".

Now I know, not being a Calvinist where pre-destination has already sorted things out, that there is nothing I can do to get myself, by my own actions, put in the right column except by simply accepting salvation by faith. However accepting salvation by faith surely implies that although one will stuff things up and be a sinner, one should at least try to be, as a Republican said, on the side of "our better angels"

I believe (and as a leftist said "you either have faith or unbelief") that the side of the angels is the side that is pro-life, believes marriage is between one man and one woman, and is for personal freedom without license. 

With the greatest respect to those who hold to  "opposite beliefs/parties/opinions" if they are not atheists and also believe "God will sort us all out" perhaps similar introspection regarding those six words might be of value.

N.B. The article above is my opinion and in no way assumes any particular thinking on the part of Mrs. Graas or ascribes any aspect of my article to her, and most certainly does not ascribe any negativity from her towards anyone.

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