Saturday, August 31, 2013

Axelrod/Schoenkopf/Filner/Zinn; The Stout Hearted American Family Tradition Of Communism

Yes, yes, they are all Jews but this is an "inside the family" post which I dealt with at the "first with the Jews" David Frum vs Prof Jacobson post some time ago.

And just to make it perfectly clear this is a"family" post here's my tribute to my Grandfather (especially for boxing aficionados)

With the "racist/anti-Semite" idiocy disposed of here, again for aficionados, here are just some of the very best in American Communist family histories-just so fans can know which team to support when the are being lulled into socialist fantasies.

First the Axelrod's whose journey culminated in the election of President Obama-well done!
"The Socialist/Communist Axelrod Family In The Russian Revolution And Later"

Then we have avowed "commiegirl" and propagandist extraordinaire;
"Wonkette (Editor Rebecca Schoenkopf) And The Communist Influence Behind It"

Ex-Mayor of San Diego Bob Filner the man with the wandering hands;

And here is the redoubtable R.S. McCain, never one to mince words ("commie scum") on Howard Zinn

Oh well, I probably should toss in a few non-Jews as "persons of interest" (not their family) so the left can throw the idiotic raaaacist epithet at me-this unfounded rubbish makes them feel good in their simplistic world-view. Unfortunately for them I'd have to present pictures from my current close relatives which would stop them in their tracks.

Here is alleged Obama influence and here was part of his administration;

Frank Marshall Davis

Van Jones

And just to round things out a non-Jew White person as well; Bill Ayers

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