Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In Show Of Class Major Leftists,Kos/Klein/Matthews/Letterman/Schoenkopf Etc.Wish Gov.Palin Happy 50th

Our guest editor A.Eritas was bemused, taken aback and, much to his (and my) surprise, discovered a huge outpouring of goodwill from all avenues of leftist media sites and all stripes of leftist personalities. This outpouring, for that is truly what it is in its crescendo, has been graciously directed towards Governor Sarah Palin on the occasion of her 50th birthday. here is the Eritas round-up of this amazing transformation.
Perhaps it is, finally if I may add, an expression of President Obama's "new civility" that the left has undertaken to express towards the most unlikely subject, and perhaps it is being a bit cynical to suppose given the wonderful nature of the outpouring, a mark of gratitude for all the "clicks" and viewers their sites and shows have received because of Palin.

Whatever the reason-and we must ascribe only the most gracious of impulses to these normally acerbic citizens of the left side of the political divide-it is wonderful to canvass the many who gave their sincere best wishes.

From the entertainment world David Letterman stopped his monologue and once again gave a sincere apology for describing the Governor as having a "slutty flight attendant look" and of course the "rape slur" against her daughter and then wished Palin the happiest of birthdays whilst inviting her on to his show. A warm tweet from Louis C.K. with best wishes and an apology for his rant, Bill Maher did a special bit on his show where he apologized for the c**t remark and wished her every happiness-so charming when he wants to be. Similar apologies 'hatchet burying' and best wishes came from Sarah Silverman, and Sandra Bernhard who'd allegedly said she would"get her Black homies to gang rape her."

Julianne Moore sent a smiley with a note explaining she knew her performance was over the top and part of a political ploy to stop a possible Palin presidential run in 2012. Matt Damon, Tina Fey and so many other actors and writers joined in the mass apology and celebration that it was truly heart-warming. 

From the leftist media there came an avalanche of good will, perhaps guilt had reached breaking point and Governor Palin's joyous 50th gave an opportunity for expiation and renewal? 

There were expressions of sorry for creating the 'journolist" conspiracy in 2008 from Ezra Klein, Jon Stewart said "it was all in fun really" and the entire political staff at Washington post  and at MSNBC signed a huge birthday card explaining that they were only doing what their bosses paid them to do, and if it went to far they sincerely regretted it. 

Big Ed Schultz did a "John Hancock" and signed his name in large letters "so the Guv. can read it without her spectacles" he said cheekily. On the other hand Dana Milbank's signature could hardly be deciphered-but it was there.

Perhaps most surprisingly amongst this outpouring of goodwill was the delighted series of noted, bearing on genuine fondness it seems from the "progressive" blogosphere which was previously in the forefront of the Palin attack frenzy. 

There was a major lead post on Daily Kos from Kos Moulitsas apologizing for his "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin" tweet which he wrote just after the Gifford's tragedy- "we all make mistakes" he said "and my birthday wises are my way of setting the matter right." Joan Walsh at Salon and even the die hard PUMA Taylor Marsh added their sincere best wishes.

What was a delight was to see the extreme site "Wonkette" run a full editorial from the pen of its Palin demonizing editor one Rebecca Schoenkopf. This person said that her communist heritage got in the way of her better judgement and her apology and warm birthday wishes were a mark of having at last seen the light. It is expected that Wonkette will be remade as a fighting conservative defender and will have an image of Governor Palin on its masthead.

They say that goodness can, over time and with a battle against a persons demons, cure even the most rabid of partisans. It appears it has taken an event of such overwhelming positivity and goodness like Governor Palin's 50th birthday to effect a massive change of heart by the previously rabid left-a miracle of our time. We look forward to a new era of harmony and civility from the left.


N.B.I appreciate it is hard to believe, given the wonderful, caring and enlightened nature of all the people mentioned in it, but the above post is a satire.

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