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The Democratic Ascendency Was Always About Same-Sex Marriage.Its Victory Will Bring GOP Ascendency

Doug Hagin at 'The Daily Gator' has these thoughts up about Gay marriage LINK

To start let me be very clear, I do not give a flip about anyone’s sex life, that is their own business I have always defined marriage as one man and one woman, to me that is what marriage is. But, I have always thought that states should decide that definition for themselves, and I still do, it is Federalism at its best. But, I also recognize that allowing state legislatures to decide will never be enough for the activists on the Left. Neither will allowing the voters of a state to decide for themselves. Neither would a federal law enshrining civil unions. As always with the Left nothing is enough.

So, I find myself in a strange place here. Thinking on one hand that allowing States to decide this issue is right. And, knowing on the other hand that the Left will only use that to push their agenda even harder. Knowing that leaving it to the States will only lead to lawsuit after lawsuit, eventually forcing upon those states the definition of marriage they rejected. Knowing that eventually no business will be allowed to refuse service to a Gay wedding lest they be sued into oblivion, or charged under some inane “human rights” law. Knowing the one day even churches would be forced to perform Gay weddings against their wishes.”

He further references Robert Stacy McCain ( journalist whose 'The Other McCain'
site is widely respected):

Stacy McCain has his thoughts on the Left’s constant push towards Totalitarianism, it is worth the read
One of the things we must understand about the Left is the essentially totalitarian nature of their ambitions. There is no logical stopping point on the progressive road to the Utopia of Equality that they insist is always ahead of us, a destination never reached.
Grant all their demands today, and they will return tomorrow with a new list of demands. What do they want? More, always more.
Yesterday, a federal judge struck down Virginia’s state constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage, because obviously (a) the Fourteenth Amendment was intended for such a purpose, and (b) never mind the will of voters expressed in a referendum”

Unfortunately, both Hagin and Stacy McCain's comments are correct i.e. the left, with their totalitarian mind-set will push on until they overturn, via judicial activism, the will of the people in the various states.

However, with the law of unintended consequences still in action, they will also get something they didn't expect-a conservative revival in the Electoral College.

Once the seeming inevitable happens, and the supreme court rules that same-sex marriage is “a sacred covenent” as a lower court has just ruled in Virginia, the issue will cease to be part of the political discourse. At that point the difference between the conservative and leftist political offerings will be clear, unclouded by social issues. At offer at the ballot box, undistorted, will be a conservative administration committed to sane financial polices, or a liberal administration committed to welfarism through massive deficit spending.

With genuinely conservative candidates committed to a conservative financial agenda, and willing to take that fight to the public, the presidency should follow on from current Republican control of the House and state legislatures and, shortly, the Senate.

The leftist coalition which brought the Obama administration into power was always about promoting same-sex marriage. Hollywood, and its supporters in the media and blogosphere e.g. Kos Moulitsas for obvious reasons, got behind Obama, and savaged the Republicans, especially Sarah Palin, with everything at their disposal. Nothing was too false, or hidden behind smokescreens, not to be employed to ensure a leftist presidency. From “journolists” conspiracies, to unending television talk show hosts ridiculing the GOP, to promoting insane conspiracy theories like Governor Palin faking the birth of her son nothing was off limits.

Now that they have achieved the initial goals and are on the path to full victory, there is no reason for that level of support for the Democratic party to be given. It is noticeable that the unwavering adulation of Obama is winding down, even in some of the wilder shores of the leftist blogosphere, and if the 2010 hiding for the Dem's is repeated in the next mid-terms the writing will be very much on the wall.

Even Hollywood understands the basic rules of economics and, whilst they were happy to see short term economic profligacy in return for the homosexual agenda being implemented, they would not wish long term pain to ensue which would affect their income streams. Thus there is little incentive, apart from a residual leftism, to give such active support to future Democrat candidates. At that point, with the political messaging a clear, unfogged "either-or" the Republican ascendancy can assert itself. 

The fact that “progressives" will see themselves exposed as dupes of those with an agenda, unrelated to their totalitarian instincts, and Republican control of all areas of government will be a positive sight. But that is, in itself, hardly worth having to have endured basically 10 years of propaganda and an unprecedented increase in the countries debt burden.

Part of the blame for the left having achieved their social goals lies with the Republican establishment putting up “moderates" as presidential candidates and, sad to say, for the right not having recognized what really was behind the Obama movement. Hopefully, all that will be remedied with a genuine conservative presidential candidate in 2016.

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