Saturday, February 8, 2014

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Poster Person For Hollywood's Attack On Social Vlaues

It is blindingly obvious that Hollywood, in all its manifestations, movies, television, fanzines etc. is unabashedly leftist. What else could it be, as it is a repository of the mass neuroses that characterizes the acting profession in all its adjuncts. 

A profession that is tenuously built on sand has little relation to the normal world of job creation and normal ethics and values. On the other hand those relatively few who succeed and amass wild riches are also disconnected from the normal world.

Sadly, given the distorted nature of society which admires and worships the media sensationalism that is part and parcel of the falsity of Hollywood the leftist denizens have free reign to peddle their distorted views of society.

The writers and actors have a platform to undermine male/female marriage, create the premise that same sex relations and marriage are normal and that abortion on demand is a right. The traditional role of the male in family relationships is lampooned and every sort of promiscuity and perversion is given free expression if not support.

In an interview with Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the leftist "Guardian" this attack on traditional values was discussed and lauded as a tremendous 'breakthrough". Breakthrough it was for the left who use the medium to denigrate conservatives and push an hedonistic, corrupt agenda.

Here is Louis-Dreyfus in full cry:

"I wonder if she realised at the time how radical a creation Elaine was. It seems incredible now that a woman in a prime-time 1990s network sitcom was permitted to be as funny and venal as her male co-stars. Elaine broke every taboo. She was anti-religion, pro-abortion and an appalling dancer. Sexually she was apologetically ravenous, even undiscerning; in one episode, a period of enforced celibacy rendered her temporarily insensible. She enjoyed her promiscuity so that the women in Sex and the City and Girls could later do likewise.
For Louis-Dreyfus, the most significant advance occurred during The Contest, an episode in which the main characters attempt to abstain from self-abuse. "That was ground-breaking. Guys talking about masturbation was acceptable. But when a woman enters that dialogue, it's a whole different matter. I felt lucky to be a part of that. To me, it was the show that was radical rather than Elaine. It was an anti-sitcom sitcom. 'You mean all these little moments build up to become a show about – that? Seriously?'"
Almost the full leftist agenda was on display in two paragraphs- abortion, anti-religion, sexual license, women being proud of achieving parity with men on the masturbation, venality level. 

It is time for a revulsion against this leftist domination of the media and for the arts to reflect conservative values-what it would take to effect that is a matter of consideration-perhaps a television network financed by backers who uphold traditional American values. Fox news has shown what can be done, it is time to expand that effort into the wider media.

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