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"Tea Party Black Woman Lisa Fritsch,Wants Texas Governorship";GOP Has Best, Best Looking, Female Candidates From All Races/Nationalities

Not only does the GOP have the best candidates, the best Black candidates but also the best looking female candidates of every race and nationality. Added to the list is Lisa Fritsch who is, according to Tea Party Nation LINK challenging for the GOP nomination for the governorship of Texas. Attorney General Greg Abbot may have more of fight on his hand than he will versus Dem Wendy Davis if he is the nominee but as Governor Palin says this sort of competition makes the GOP stronger and is to be welcomed.

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From;"The Black Conservative "Over 20 Black Republicans (Listed With Links) Are Running For Office in 2013-1014"

Texas Politics Heats Up! Lisa Fritsch, Tea Party Black Woman, Wants Governorship

             Lisa Fritsch, Tea Party Black Woman, Wants Governorship
They do things big in Texas, so when a conservative black woman tosses her hat in the ring for governor, Texans stand up, notice and signal change for the rest of the nation. Lisa Fritsch, a popular former radio show host and noted conservative Texan Tea Party activist is making growing political waves in her bid to take out current Attorney General Greg Abbott in the Republican primary for governor.
Fritsch is part of a growing number of black conservatives vying for elected office across the nation like former Miss America Erika Harold, who is running for the 13th Congressional seat in Illinois.
Then there was of course Mia Love who electrified the National Republican Convention in 2012 with her speech, according to the Huffington Post. Love, mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, is a Mormon, Tea Party favorite and appears poised to run against current Democrat congressman Jim Matheson.
Lisa Fritsch, Charles Lollar and Mia Love all embody the clarity of spirit and purpose that has awakened a resurgence of conservative values in others. They openly reject failed liberalism and embrace freedom and liberty and Christian values long held and deep in their fore-father’s bones for generations since President Lincoln.
Many have likened Lisa Fritsch’s run for the governorship of Texas as a long shot that will possibly fall markedly short of the goal line. But Fritsch is undeterred about the long shot notions being tossed around and instead embraces her reliance on her own background and experience.
According to the New York Times, Fritsch reaches into the seven generation roots she has in Texas to strengthen her resolve, she stated, “What if Davy Crockett had said, ‘How could we compete with the Mexican Army at the Alamo?’ ” She said. “Should they have given up? Absolutely not.”
What is remarkable is the generations of so-called liberal leaders who are ever ready to tear apart aspiring Americans leaders like Fritsch who embraces their conservatism. The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons and other poverty pimps poison the well.
If the nation has yet to recognize her name, Tea Party members all across the great state of Texas certainly have. It is not an accident that in a recent poll taken by the Tea Party in the state capitol, Fritsch was the top GOP vote getter last weekend, according to the New York Times.

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