Monday, January 26, 2015

Media Losing All Credibility With Their Palin Madness.

Time for a senior journalist to call a stop for the sake of the profession

Los Angeles Times columnist Robin Abcarian took time out from her usual stock in trade Palin bashing for her leftist audience to actually make a sensible statement "Liberals: She can't hurt you anymore. It's time to get over her. "

Clearly the left can't "get over her" and such is the depth of  Palin derangement, that you have to make a choice of causes (or include the lot):

Fear, hatred, madness, jealousy, repressed lust, radical homosexual/feminist/atheist angst (again choose one or all) blatant partisanship, GOP establishment/competitor sneakiness, or just plain insanity. It is clear that these elements are so deeply ingrained in the left that Abcarian, affected by at least one of the preceding ailments, forgot her own stricture and went straight into Palin derangement syndrome (PDS) attack mode just months later.

After Governor Palin's address to the Iowa Freedom event the media, which had been somewhat, for them, quiescent as far as Palin was concerned, went into utter raving bonkers attack mode. 

The concept of "balanced" journalism, of ethical reporting, of cogent analysis of any pretense whatsoever to be anything other than a leftist or a GOP Establishment mouthpiece, was utterly discarded. 

How these supposed journalists can put themselves in front of the public in any manner, except the most partisan, after such a shabby and shambolic effort is a mystery-but of course they will make the attempt.

The really odd thing is that these same denizens of the media keep advising that Palin is "diminished" to quote Robert Costa, is ineffectual, and has no chance of getting elected and yet they turned their entire venom on her (Trump doesn't count of course as he just gets a dollop of sarcasm now and then). 

It is as if a dam, the size of Boulder, of hatred and resentment cracked and burst spilling a reservoir of venom from a million rattlesnakes cascading down a river of leftist and Establishment loathing.

Such massive resentment can only be the product of stored up hatred at being called out, over and over, by Palin  for the MSM's duplicity in the "JournOlist" conspiracy to bring down her, and McCain of course, to elevate Obama. 

The exposing, that nothing stood in the way of such a campaign, including the unbelievable attempt to deny that Palin's own son was hers, the call from major newspapers for "readers" to go through every line of her correspondence, and other such madness may have, deep down, created a feeling of guilt.

This repressed guilt over being less than their calling should make them, a bottled up self-loathing is, I believe, the real root cause of such irrationality from seemingly educated and sensible people. 

It can't be, from people who happily tolerate 'good old Joe" Biden's inanities, such nonsense as "saving America from Palin " who is supposed to be hapless anyway-no, such levels of rancor have never been seen in American political life, for such a long period against a person who has not been a candidate for over six years. Madness from guilt, there can be no other explanation.

Now that a few days have passed, as has the bile, it is important to put on record in one place, so a mosaic of madness can be properly grasped in its astounding volume, just some of the best efforts of supposed leading journalists. The headlines are just a taste of the sarcasm, ridicule and gross bias the articles contain. It is tawdry, gross reading, but that is what they subjected the public to.

Kimberly Atkins Boston Herald: "as absurd as a Palin candidacy sounds"
David Knowles Bloomberg "Reliving Palin's 'painful' petty' 'incoherent'speech"
Kerry Sullivan National Monitor Palin;“Obviously, we got to stand with our North Korean allies."
Byron York Washington Examiner "As 2016 race begins, GOP faces its Palin problem"
Chris Cillizza Washington Post; "No, Sarah Palin isn't seriously interested in running for president
James Hohmann Politico "She's definitely interested in people thinking she's interested"
Charles C W Cooke National Review "Sarah Palin slips into self-parody"
Adam Edelman New York Daily News; Sarah Palin dishes out  bizarre rant in Iowa as teleprompter breaks"
Laura Ashburn The Hill (with an hilarious "she's hot running typo" ) "A Palin run in 2016? Not happening"
Marcus Hondo Digital Journal (in genuinely bizarre article which ran a still from a telemovie) "Not again!"

These are just some of the well known, to lesser lights, who mounted an avalanche of bile towards Palin. There were also the usual suspects-the venomous Ana Marie Cox, the irascible Rebecca Schoenkopf at Wonkette, and the harpies at "The View". 

Also chiming in , of course, were the talking heads e.g. Scarborough and Jon Stewart (who literally begged Palin to be on his show previously) and the utterly raving mad at the progressive' blogs like PoliticusUSA/DailyKos/ Raw Story and Daily Beast of course raved and gibbered.

Clearly Palin is an Ebola virus  to the left that has crossed their respective blood brain barriers and, along with the Freudian repressed guilt has driven them over the edge. 

This is a terrible problem. America needs proper journalistic reporting that can be seen as "fair and balanced" not unfair and unbalanced. It is time for a senior and highly respected journalist, Jake Tapper perhaps, to call his fellow professionals (the bloggers are a hopeless case) to order before they, in their growing and now clearly set loose irrationality, destroy what little credibility the media has left.

Palin in the meantime is still standing after 6 years of their best efforts-she had an incredible 91% success rate with her mid-term endorsements and is slowly but surely populating Congress with people who support her conservatism. 

That the media can't see this through the scales still stuck to their eyes is a sad indictment on a once respected profession.

 Its time for them to grow up, treat Palin  (and other conservative women e.g Joni Ernst a new victim ) with impartiality, and do their jobs in a manner which Cronkite would appreciate-what he would think of the state of his profession today is unimaginable.

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