Sunday, January 18, 2015

Palin Ends All 3rd Party Speculation (Or Does She?)

On January 15th I wrote, at Bob Belvedere's 'The Camp Of The Saints'  
an article "Third Party 2016: Viable Reality Or Pipe Dream?" after there had been considerable calls for the formation of a third party by conservatives unhappy with Boehners re-election which some saw as a betrayal of the mid-terms mandate.

The article was not so much focused on possible third party personalities, although Governor Palin was mentioned, rather it covered the constitutional, practical and Electoral College aspects.

These facts are, at the end of the day, more important than consideration of any particular proposed leader of a nascent force. In politics, as mundane as such things are, as e.g. "how many signatures are required to access a line on the Virginia ballot" are in reality the make or break aspects of third party creation.

However, a message from Governor Palin, in the form of the video above to the tea party meeting in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Courtesy of Conservatives4Palin has apparently rendered any further third party consideration as moot.

In her message; "Sarah Palin ‏ Sold Out in South Carolina! Overflow crowds of independent tea party Americans packed Myrtle Beach, SC today " Palin advised inter alia "Republicans, Independents, even Blue Dog Democrats, Reagan Democrats need to get together and decide the future of the party .. so that we can elect a Republican President in 2016." 

The core message appears quite clear, Palin is urging a broad tent coalition of Republicans of all stripes with the welcome addition of conservative Democrats unhappy with the current direction of that party.

To advise that coalition which includes, on the face of it, Establishment Republicans, in an address to the antithesis of the Establishment "independent tea party Americans" leaves no room for the possibility of a third party as it would be these very sort of grass roots people who would have to be the rock which such a party was founded on.

Whilst not an absolute it is, I believe, more than fair to state that without Governor Palin leading a conservative third party there is nobody else who has the mass following, name recognition and fundraising ability who could make such a concept any more than a waste of time and a will o' the wisp to vanish after the general election never to be heard of again.

But...what is left unsaid perhaps, is-what might happen if "Republicans, Independents, even Blue Dog Democrats, Reagan Democrats" don't get together? What might eventuate should e.g. Mitt Romney get the nomination on a platform of mass amnesty or Jeb Bush on a platform of mass amnesty and common core? 

Clearly there is still much water to flow under the GOP's bridge with perhaps the largest volume being wither Governor Palin? 

With the first Republican candidates debate scheduled for this August the next six months will go far to resolving both her candidacy and the third party issue.

The highly professional video presentation, equal to any active candidates promotion as far as quality is concerned, to the Myrtle Beach gathering, and a shout out to Iowa both on the same day, might be an indication of the former. 

The latter matter is now, surely, at least dormant if not dead, but may rise phoenix like as matters await resolving.

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