Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Conservatives Are Forbidden From Viewing These Alleged Conservative Media/Pundits

Young people and, perhaps, older people who have decided to become politically active may not be aware that some media pundits portray themselves as conservatives but in actuality are far from being so.

To help new people avoid the pitfalls of wasting their time, and receiving leftist propaganda hidden under a conservative masthead, listed below are some of the most notorious of spurious conservative sites and individuals. The list will be added to from time to time so it may be worthwhile for the novice to check in occasionally.

I have banned these alleged conservative sites for conservatives to view because of their crimes against conservatism, and their blatant promotion of GOP establishment candidates and policies.

As Governor Palin stated "we are at war" and there is no room for the 
faint-hearted, the lily livered, the backstabbers, the falsehood purveyors and the overt and covert supporters of center-ism. 

In this war you are either on the side, totally, of conservatism and conservative candidates, or you are with the left-"there ain't no middle ground." Terribly saddened to have to add Ace of Spades HQ to the proscribed list but desertion is a capital offence.

Any conservative viewing these sites, after my clear injunction not to, is aiding and abetting the enemy and will have to deal with their conscience. Viewing them to "rebut" their arguments is simply aiding them financially by page clicks-do not be tempted.

Ace of Spades HQ
Hot Air
Right Wing Nut House
Real Clear Politics
Tammy Bruce
Bloomberg Politics
Outside The Beltway
Ann Coulter
Bill O'Reilly Fox News
Race 4  2016

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