Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bizarre Palin Deranged World Of Washington Posts' Karen Tumulty

Here's a hint to acquaintances of  The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty-if you invite her to a function tell her its the day before as she, clearly, arrives late for the party-very late. This can be determined by her having writing a "column" actually a cut and paste screed (do they actually pay for that sort of thing nowadays?) about Palin in Iowa. This after all the heavyweights from the left and GOP Establishment had been sicked on to Palin, then the various vultures and jackals descended on the metaphoric carcass and snuck out a bone or cartilage-Tumulty being in the latter category of course.

In a Valley Girl piece of headline juvenilia "Palin and her one time fans on the right:it's so over" (God that is so pathetic in its petty snark) Tumulty joins the six year long queue of commentators who have advised that Palin is "over". She hits all the prescribed talking points right on target; "Odd rambling speech/Influential voices saying "it's over"/devastating critiques" and more tawdry hatchet job writing than I care to reproduce. Masochists or students of hackery can amuse or abuse themselves at the link.

What, obviously, begs the question is why? Why would there be such a massive array of firepower from left and right be directed at Palin over one speech? Before I address this in the wider view, perhaps there are some clues, nuggets amongst the Tumulty crap, to paraphrase Jon Stewart when he lampooned an earlier effort to kill off Palin-the notorious "Palin email hunt.".

First it is interesting to note Tumulty's either ignorance, or, perhaps worse, deliberate misdirection, in lampooning Palin's "ride your back" comment. That was a direct quote from Martin Luther King Jr. as so many idiotic Tweeters found out when they were ridiculed for attacking her (they shut up almost  immediately in their equally choreographed retreat.) For Tumulty to still not mention where the quote came from shows how needful she is to denigrate Palin, which of course ended up with her denigrating herself and her profession.

She then goes on to quote Bill Kristol;" “The name Sarah Palin hasn’t come up in the past three to six months." Five minutes research would have led her to Kristol's tweet about my American Thinker article "Palin Achiever of the Year" (which received massive coverage) "Nice tribute to Sarah Palin: … )
"I'm adding her to my list of 26 (now 27) GOP 2016 possibilities. …

Tumulty quotes Byron York's hatchet job on Palin, but fails to mention one of the "GOP insiders" he quotes, Sam Clovis, was defeated by Palin's endorsed candidate, Joni Ernst, for senate from Iowa. Neither does a moments research or half-hearted attempt at any balance, lead her to mention that Palin, who is supposedly written off and of limited influence, had a 91% success rate with her mid-terms endorsements (which left Hillary in the dust). 

Nor the fact that for all the media's best efforts she is slowly but surely populating Congress with her endorsees. Ernst, like Cruz, Fischer, Sasse and so many others owe their elections directly to her support-as so many others will in the future.

Anyway, enough with picking apart, (it's like shooting rotten fish in a barrel) her pathetic hatchet job driven either by her editor's demand for more red meat to the WashPost's leftist audience, or her concern for being last rank cab off the rank, as it is of import to try and understand why such a mass of venomous vitriol should escape from the left and right at this time.

There are a couple of things which strike one after the dross has been cleared off. "There is also a tone of soul-searching and even repentance in some of the commentary, as pundits on the right reconsider their own role in stoking the Palin phenomenon." This is of course preposterous vainglorious posing. These various pundits have the mistaken belief that anyone, outside their mutual admiration society, gives a rats ass whether they are "repentant or they are searching their souls. The same media that has ripped her to shreds for six years is terribly mistaken if they think she is done for because they are ripping her a new one now.

The media also has their memes mixed up-which is not surprising when Palin derangement is in play. For years the cry was "Palin is playing the victim" and now 'The media was destructive of her from the start." This sort of jumble just illustrates further that what is going on is a deliberate attempt to destroy Palin by any and all means possible. 

So blatant is this that the various players believe they can change their memes at will with nobody noticing. Let me assure them that those days are well over as the Palin supporters,who are legion no matter what Tumulty believes, agree with Palin "this is war" and fight back with grim determination.

So what is going on? The exact same thing that went on before the 2012 election when the forces of left and right, who would be destroyed if Palin ran and were elected, went into attack. The garbage fantasy "Game Change" was trotted out as the primary season began, the most scurrilous "book" about her and her purported private life was published by the lowest of muckrakers and every word and action of Palin and her family was parsed and scrutinized.

That there is jostling amongst possible GOP candidates for the 2016 nomination is of course one reason for the ludicrous attacks on Palin over one speech. More importantly the various media supporters of these other than Palin candidates have taken the opportunity to not only attack Palin as the obvious threat to their chosen ones but to also unleash years of  bottled up hatred towards her.

In an article where I reviewed ('Media Losing All Credibility With Their Palin Madness') the blatherings and hypocrisy of another Palin Derangement sufferer L.A.Times'  Abcarian, I wrote" It is as if a dam, the size of Boulder, of hatred and resentment cracked and burst spilling a reservoir of venom from a million rattlesnakes cascading down a river of leftist and Establishment loathing."

All those who in recent days have written Palin off, expressed heartfelt mea culpa's for ever having said a kind word about her, will find themselves in the exact same position of all those who, when her contract was terminated at Fox, said exactly the same thing and had to eat crow shortly after. 

How ludicrous they are, and Tumulty is symptomatic, was summed up by another "journalist" (Laura Ashburn at The Hill) who boldly wrote; Mark my words. She's not running. And if she does, well, I never wrote this column.. Such is the blatant hatred, pandering and idiocy of the leftist media today that they even qualify their memes in the same sentence.

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