Sunday, February 28, 2021

Kristi Noem For President?-For Humanity's Sake No


It's about three years before any meaningful analysis of who the next, realistic, GOP presidential candidates might be but of course the media and especially the conservative blogs, as per below examples, are setting out their favorites now.

That in the real world this has probably little meaning is by the by. Remember "Jeb is a lock for 2016" and countless other examples. Of course nobody knows what the political, economic and social situation will look like in early 2024 or who will be the president that year-Harris or Biden.

But a word on Governor Kristi Noem. I don't have a dog in the hunt except to advise that if President Donald Grover Cleveland Trump is renominated I would support him fully. 

As for Noem's proposed candidacy I would caution against it for common humanity's sake and for realistic political reasons.

Presuming Kamala Harris is the Dem's nominee running a white women from a 3 Electoral vote state is electorally sub-optimal. 

Every statement she would make, every policy proposal would be run through the MSM entirely through the prism of "Racism." The near total lock on Black female voters would be adamantine and the, crucial, overall black vote shift to the GOP from 2008's nadir would be halted if not reversed.

As for common humanity I would fear for Noem, or any female Republican candidate for president.

 The examples of how the media and the hate blogosphere used every mechanism, no matter how false, degrading and disgusting to attack Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann (and currently Marjorie Taylor Green) would not, for her and her family's sake, make a run worthwhile in the long term for her personal well being.

In my opinion, apart from Trump, the GOP's best choice on purely Electoral College considerations, would be Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina (with the added benefit of keeping "Nikki" Haley off of the ticket as two candidates from the same state can't run together. 

Scott cancels the race card and might increase Black male support while winning Georgia and keeping Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in play. Noem for VP? Sure, why not, it's a well balanced ticket in all respects

John Hinderaker at Powerline


Featured imageEarlier today, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem spoke at CPAC. Regular readers know that I am a fan of hers. She grew up on a farm near my home town and has become an intellectual leader of the conservative movement. In a year when pretty much everyone knuckled under to authoritarianism in the face of an alleged emergency, she stood tall for freedom.

And at Twitchy

‘What I did is tell my people the TRUTH’: Gov. Kristi Noem DROPS Dr. Fauci for accusing her of ignoring medical advice and it’s GLORIOUS

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