Tuesday, February 2, 2021

@Wonkette's @commiegirl1 And Noted Homosexual Editor @Evanhurst Let Us Down Once Again

The progressive Journal of Record Wonkette is a fierce attacker of all things tawdry and sexually immoral and writes in a dignified manner not seen in right wing Blogs-for example today;

In Which We Lift Our Trump News Ban Because WHAAAAAT And LOLLLLLL And You HEAR This Sh*t?

This is why it is so surprising that they, and especially fearless, proud homosexual Evan Hurst has not reported on The Lincoln Project's trouble with errant homosexual John Weaver; (Nota Bene; Weaver describes himself as "homosexual" not "Gay" so I am just following his example)

"Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver exits after reportedly sexting young men"

One miss on this story might be understandable but two? Something seems amiss as another Lincoln Project executive member, this time apparently a rampant heterosexual and vehement Trump critic Stuart Stevens, hit the headlines "

"Vermont Judge Issues No-Stalking Order Against GOP Operative Stuart Stevens"

This chain of misses gets curioser and curioser as the tiger for truth Wonkette's owner Rebecca Schoenkopf and Hurst missed;

"Democratic donor Ed Buck exploited, drugged at least 10 men, federal charge says"

And missed this which seems to have captured a few headlines;

"Man busted with Andrew Gillum in hotel room with meth was gay escort"

It's all so confusing but there must be a reasonable explanation I am sure

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