Monday, February 8, 2021

The Most Sensible Man To Run In 2024; "Senator Tim Scott: President Trump Is Simply Not Guilty"

The right idea-just a bit early

It's pure common sense-Senator Tim Scott for President 2024. Of course nobody knows the economic and social situation in the autumn of 2024, or who will be president at that point, but all things being equal Scott is the best choice based on these, and more, parameters.

Long serving, experienced senator, well spoken with apparently no skeleton problems. An historic figure as first Black to be elected senator from South Carolina. Not associated with any extreme economic or social stands.

Loyal to President Trump without being associated with the Q Anon fringe i.e. a team player.

Impossible for the Dem's to play the race card. Since the Constitution bars a presidential and VP candidate from the same state it would keep Haley off the ticket and allow for e.g. Noem to be his running mate.

Electoral College wise Pennsylvania Georgia and Michigan and Wisconsin would be very much in play.

Oh, and for those who followed me on Twitter you know of course that I am always ahead of the game and always right-always.

Senator Tim Scott: <LINK "President Trump Is Simply Not Guilty"

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