Monday, February 15, 2021

Rebecca Schoenkopf's @Wonkette "Tim Scott Will Be Remembered As A Self-Hating Black Man."

 On February 9th I wrote;

"The Most Sensible Man To Run In 2024; "Senator Tim Scott: "

I included among a number of reasons why Senator Scott would be an ideal GOP 20204 candidate "Impossible for the Dems' to use the race card."

Clearly I did not account for the loathsome scum who inhabit Rebecca Schoenkop's @commiegirl1 loathsome "Wonkette" for whom the race card, in reverse, is a method of attack against an honorable person. 

There are, clearly, no depths to which they will not sink in pursuit of the "progressive" agenda.

So, true to form, they presented a major column attacking Scott, who they rightly perceive as a threat, and Hispanic Ted Cruz. 

"Tim Scott enabled and protected the twice-impeached thug at every opportunity. He's an embarrassment, and only a complete fool would think Scott deserves a special shout out during Black History Month.

 Enter Ted Cruz, esteemed Black Person Expert. Cruz apparently can't grasp why Black people might celebrate Stacey Abrams more than Scott. 

Why, she hasn't been elected statewide! Trust me, I don't think that comes up a lot at the beauty parlor.

 Abrams — like the late Rep. John Lewis, who also never won a statewide election — has devoted her life to removing barriers erected to keep Black people from voting. Scott voted to confirm Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who Coretta Scott King denounced for having used his office to suppress minority voting rights. He didn't even object when Republicans posthumously attacked Mrs. King"

"Tim Scott is on his own."

That was just the preamble-the loathsome scum in the comments section didn't hold back as this small sample advises:

"I keep getting Tim Scott mixed up with Dred Scott. Wonder why."

"Tim Scott will be remembered as a self-hating Black man. 

Because the only reason you can be a minority and be a member of the Rethuglian party is if you hate yourself or you believe that somehow these racists will look past the color of your skin. Rethuglians are all about their white selves. 

They will never consider minorities as equals."

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