Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AllahPundit (Hot Air) Rubio's Not Going To Tell Rove To Kiss His Ass"; What Would Palin Do?

Allahpundit (Hot Air) is in a Rubio swoon still and has this headline up.
"Rubio: Let’s not rush to judgment on Rove’s new “Conservative Victory Project”
He then goes on to show why Rubio/Paul and any ("he" note) will have to forgo principles (if they have them) and kiss Rove's ass. For exactly the opposite of all he states one person, with ethics and standards, i.e. Palin, would not have to do so if the grass roots gets behind her.
"Some people are grumbling about this in Headlines but I don’t know what you want the guy to say. He’s not going to tell Rove and his giant donor base to kiss his ass, no matter how much you wish he would; if he ends up running in 2016, he’ll need those people to win. I doubt even Rand Paul would go much further than Rubio in criticizing Rove for the same reason.
In case there really is a GOP civil war between the establishment and tea party, any prospective nominee will be forced to ingratiate himself with both, especially since more centrist Republican groups are coming online every day"

 Rather than dance only with Rove (ugh) Rubio is trying to be a Mugwump-he acknowledges Rove's help but also makes clear the Tea Party was also a major factor in his election. People are trying to make his expediency a virtue-it won't wash, you have to commit to principles at some point, otherwise you are a Romney.

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