Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rachel Maddow/Taylor Marsh Join Leftist Hypocrites In Attacking Hillary Clinton "Fake Sex Video" Where Have They Been for The Last Five Years As Palin Was Treated Far Worse?

A number of leftists sites-which includes Politico,Taylor Marsh and Rachel Maddow et al of course are reporting in screaming headlines: 

"FreedomWorks Made Video of Fake Giant Panda Having Sex With Fake Hillary Clinton"

Oh the outrage, oh the disgusting conservatives.

However, where has been the  outrage and the moral disgust at the seeming endless pornographic depictions of Sarah Palin during the last five years? Where have been NOW and Shakesville and the same sites now decrying FreedomWorks when "Nailin Pailin" and other such disgusting porn videos have been widely disseminated across the internet?

They have been nowhere of course. As long as it is a right to life conservative Republican woman, and Palin especially, then anything goes including having a "Palin look a like" stripper at bars during the GOP convention.

Who could doubt for a second that if the same Hillary and the panda video had been made with Palin and a moose for instance that there woudl be only the sound of snickering coming from the left instead of the current outrage?

The left continues to show their utter hypocrisy, disdain for any woman who is not a leftist and Palin derangement. The are sowing the wind and, as the Washington Post fiasco "Palin is gong to join AlJazeera" shows the more they do this sort of thing the more their last shreds of credibility will fall away.

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