Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Outstanding Reviews of Leftist Media Hypocrisy In Respect Of Giffords/SPLC And Sarah Palin

These outstanding reviews of the disparity in media coverage between the SPLC and Gifford's cases
should be required reading for students of leftist media bias.

Patheos AT THIS LINK commenced the attempt to get a 'fair and balanced" consideration of the way the media blamed Sarah Palin for the Gifford's tragedy at the very least for her creating a "climate of hate where such things are possible".

"Mollie" the author of "SPLC To Get Sarah Palin Treatment Any Day Now" delivers a powerful exposition setting out the gross media distortion and then continues on in the comments section in a tireless and clearly highly educated and, above all, clear-sighted and fair manner in the face of unrelenting cant and defense of the leftist media.

It is actually a privilege to read her patient comment after comment rebuttal to those who will still not just simply come out and say "yes, the media were grossly unfair to Sarah Palin over the Gifford's tragedy and have been utter hypocrites in the case of the SPLC". Instead we get on display, which is an education in itself, an unrelenting flow of disingenuous tap dancing.

Here is the opening salvo but please read the entire post, and the comments at the link above.

"I want to talk about media coverage of the man who was convicted today of shooting up the Family Research Council. But let’s first go back to the horrible story about the murderous rampage that one disturbed individual went on in Arizona.

The mainstream media narrative, initially, was that a right wing Tea Party supporter acting under the orders of Sarah Palin had assassinated a sitting member of Congress. Precisely none of that was true or even close to true, but it didn’t keep the media from pushing a particular narrative about it for some time. (It wasn’t the biggest religion story, per se, but see our posts here, here and here) I also wrote a post about the role that alternate realities played in the shooting and media coverage of same.

The shooter was said to engage in alternate realities. But, I argued, the same might be said of the media, feverishly trying to create a world where political opponents could be blamed for the most brutal crimes imaginable even if the facts didn’t support that."

Rod Dreher in an article entitled "SPLC Vs. Sarah Palin: Media Hypocrisy" at "The American Conservative"
 AT THIS LINK is fulsome in his praise of "Mollie"
(M.Z. Hemingway) who he describes, rightly so, as "on fire" in his review of her article at Patheos.

Here is a section from his article and, again, please read the entire piece which is complimentary, in both sense  fo the word to Hemingway's at the link above;

"Mollie lists many more stories from the MSM exploring the possible connection between conservative rhetoric and the Giffords shooting — this, even though it emerged that the shooter, Jared Loughner, was profoundly mentally ill, and neither Palin’s rhetoric nor anybody else’s had a thing to do with this shooting.

There were even pieces (e.g., a Psychology Today essay Mollie links to) exploring the role that violent rhetoric plays in creating an atmosphere in which acts like Loughner’s take place. The media flooded the zone, in other words."

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