Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Things I Am Giving Up For Lent-Including Maureen Dowd-(And I'm Not Even a Catholic)

As much as it pains me-and self-discipline is not a major major for me I must admit, I will make the sacrifice and give up the following five things for forty days-and I am not even a Catholic. And if I were I'd only have to give up one thing ( I think I have that right). 

So it is entirely on a voluntary-makes you a better person- (hopefully) mission that I am foregoing the following.

1.Reading leftist blogs especially Politico/Little Green Footballs and especially Daily Kos (I feel better already)

2.Reading leftist newspapers especially the various "Posts" (N.Y./L.A.)

3. Reading anything from Palin Derangement Syndrome sites/people like "Immoral Minority"

4. Responding to childish idiots who comment on my blogs

5.Looking at the smug face of Maureen Dowd (see #2)

Further suggestions welcome (not fromleftists of course) -although I can only carry a certain burden through such a long time-but if the task involves a far left item I will take it on

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