Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Leftist "Wonkette" Site Has Explosion Of Racist Comments About McConnell's Wife And Michelle Malkin

The leftist "satire" i.e. filth site ran a piece about a leftist Superpac in Kentucky which Tweeted a racists comment about Senator Mitch McConnell's Chinese wife  
AT THIS LINK. Just some of the filth and racism that followed is,sadly, illustrated below.

Instead of, as they did paragraphs further into the article  condemning the perpetrators, they instead started off by condemning the group for their political faults. In other words, play by the Alinsky playbook but don't get too stupid with it.

"In any political operation, there’s this thing called “message discipline.” Not only does it mean staying on the talking points (“It’s the Economy, stupid!”), but of course it also means Don’t hand your opponent a gift by saying something so incredibly stupid and offensive that it lends itself to a headline like “Liberal Super PAC Goes After Mitch McConnell’s ‘Chinese’ Wife.’” Which, unfortunately, is exactly the idiotic thing that an as-yet unnamed volunteer for Progress Kentucky did on February 14."

They conclude with this admonition to their readers which is of course utter catnip to them and which results in an explosion of racist stereotypical statements, and utter filth-dragging in Michelle Malkin with them too by asking for no "ping pong" ball comments-which if course follow straight away 

"Just to be clear: Progress Kentucky, you are appealing to racism and xenophobia, and making all liberals look bad in the process. Knock it off, please. Grow up and call him “Yertle,” OK?
Also, Wonkaderos: this is why we get so pissy about ping pong ball jokes in association with Michelle Malkin. If you feel that is oppressive, you are free to take that shit elsewhere."

The left is utter incapable of rational, humane discourse when it comes to any concept or person that is different from their utterly bigoted and, in these instances, utterly warped views. For the Wonkette site to admonish its readers to behave by any decent standards is the biggest bit of satire on the site.

                                    (This comment links at the Wonkette site to Michelle Malkin's condemnation of a previous Wonkette piece about her in a similar vein)  "This is
But Wonkette has now mainstreamed it. And I’m sick of it. Are you proud of yourselves? Do you get a bonus from Nick Denton for scraping the bottom of the barrel?      

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