Friday, February 15, 2013

Washington Post Sensational Report "Palin To Join 'The Apprentice' Due; As Trump Admits To Palin Dialogue

Captured below is the indisputable evidence, from his own mouth that, as recently as a few days ago, Donald Trump was in conversation with former Alaska Governor and GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin. 

 In this recent interview with radio's Howard Stern, Trump stated ( in the face of typical leftist provocation) "I love Sarah Palin, I think she's tremendous, I spoke to her yesterday".

 Following on from the sensational Washington Post report by their renowned journalist Suzi Parker that Sarah Palin was joining the AlJazeera television network it can well be expected that the same level of outstanding investigative journalism will be to the fore from her and the Post. 

 Palin and Trump watchers can look forward, no doubt with breathless expectation, to this headline (or a similar one) "Exclusive report, Sarah Palin to join Donald Trump in the next seasons series of "The Apprentice". 

Drawing on the same journalistic skills, (and with the Washington Posts outstanding editorial board &"layers of fact-checkers" behind her) which led Parker to write her much commented on "Palin and AlJazeera" column, look for a similarly researched Trump/Palin item. 

Surely,given her history, she will draw "The Apprentice" gig conclusion from the fact that Trump and Palin have spoken? Surely too, an unbiased newspaper like the Post, and its top journalist, would have no intention to mislead regarding Palin.

Certainly, given their history in this respect, nothing like that could possibly be inferred. In writing about Palin, the Post and Parker would not be so blinded by partisan hatred, that they would forget basic journalistic standards in a rush to discredit? 

No-Palin watchers can be assured that if the Washington Post, and their star reporter Parker, draw the conclusion, as one would expect, that Palin will be on "The Apprentice" it will be because, as with their AlJazeera report, that it will be founded on a huge research effort without any prejudice to Palin.

Nota bene: For the assistance of Suzi Parker, the Washington Post and any other person or media the above article is a satire. To repeat, it is a satire. Note 'nota bene" is Latin which translates as "note well"

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