Sunday, January 31, 2021

For Conservative Populists A Time For Sober Reflection-Lay Down Your Arms

There are well over three years to go before any meaningful presidential election matters should start to take preeminence in the minds and activities of Republican populists. 

Populists might do well to follow President Trump's lead after the Biden inauguration and cease media activity.

The midterms are another matter and as the primaries hove into view it would be time then for populist activists to become engaged in supporting those candidates who represent the new Republican party and to oppose those especially, the ten who voted for President Trump's second impeachment.

Let's be totally frank-there is absolutely nothing that can be said or done over the next three years that will have any effect whatsoever on the 2024 election. 

Nothing, especially at the polemic level, that could be now Tweeted/podcasted/blogged/Facebooked/or articledthat will be remembered, referred to or have any political value whatsoever in 2024.

No snappy comeback to a Twitter lib troll has any value, on the other hand getting off venues where lib trolls reside has value as it leaves them in an echo chamber and dispirits them with no enemy to attack.

What does have value is getting engaged at the grass roots level in the local GOP to ensure the direction is a populist one and office holders, perhaps yourself are populists.

Encourage suitable candidates to run and join their campaigns.

If you blog/podcast/GAB/write articles make all of these activities ones of reasoned thought. 

You might now commence to present economic/social/political/structural ideas without attacking libs/MSM/RINO's.

Rather contribute towards a body of populist ideas that have value and underpin the movement. These are valuable activities, attacking  Biden's gaffes and the Biden administration over every and each misstep or lampooning the various Dem personalities is of no value whatsoever.

The voters need something to vote for not just against. Now is the time, after mature reflection, to commence that project on top of which you will do your mental health a favor by leaving Twitter with its cesspool of ghouls crazies sock puppets and paid libs haters.

If you have not had a chance to read the Federalist article that made me switch to Brave I would commend it to you strongly. We are, to a degree, living in a world where our "free will" is an illusion in that what we get to see to use our free will on has been chosen for us not by us.
I am a rock solid feet on the ground non-believer in conspiracies etc. cynic but this is the real deal-Joy Pullman is highly intelligent.

How we manage it is to be thought out, but switching away from the manipulators where possible is a start.

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