Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Difference Between Left And Right...HillBuzz's Palin Birthday Wishes.

Look at this joyous,warm, caring, sharing, delightful and deep birthday tribute to Sarah Palin by the HillBuzz team.Compare the generosity of spirit with the venom,lies,and outright hate on the left blogs (to numerous to mention and even saying their names gives them an authenticity they don't deserve).

One can't help but be lifted in spirit and moved to gird ones loins even tighter for the massive challenges ahead . But knowing one is in the company of such clear sighted, dedicated to all good values for America people, the challenges will be met and overcome.

Happy Birthday Governor Palin!
Happy Birthday, Governor Palin.

May you find the strength and courage to answer the call that’s put out to you — for you to step up to the plate and run for President.

We here can’t offer you much, but we will give you our all.

We will fundraise for you.

We will organize and advocate for you.

We will form a ground team for you and hit Iowa hard in the months before the Iowa Caucus, to ensure a win for you.

We will give/do whatever it takes to run interference for you, disrupting the ACORN-SEIU-Organizing for America axis that is the DNC’s plan against you.

Governor Palin, your Boystown campaign headquarters is open 24/7, and well-staffed.

It’s a lot to ask of you and your family. We know well the evil of the Left, and what they can fling so easily at people. You are going to have to weather an unprecedented storm.

Well, today, and every day really, we’d like to offer you five umbrellas. Each held by one of us here. There are probably thousands more at the ready in the hands of those who read us.

We believe in you, Governor.

You are a great hope for this country.

Your heart is a servant’s heart, and it loves America. That’s a large part of why we love and support you.

You betcha.

We wish you a happy birthday today…and wish more than anything that you’ll run for president. We have no idea what you’re wishing for on this birthday as you blow out your candles, but that’s our wish for you. We’re toasting you with Phoebe’s Cupcakes tonight in Boystown, and will volunteer and work hard somewhere for a good cause that needs it this weekend in your name, telling people “Sarah sent us”.

Much love,

Your Boys in Boystown, Chicago

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