Saturday, February 20, 2010

Outstanding Analysis of The Obama Administration By A.Barton Hinkle-Palin Inference

Writing in the Richmond Times Dispatch op-ed writer A. Barton Hinkle sets out an outstanding exposition of the real driving forces behind the Obama administration .It is "Their program is premised on believing a select group of superior people should be empowered to organize everyone else’s affairs".

The article has many clear and concise expansions of this premise and is, in my opinion outstanding and worthy of wide dissemination-the final quote from Longfellow is one that will give pause for thought and reflection as well.

There is little I could ,or would wish to, add to this brilliant article except to say that in my lifetime we have been down this path once before with similar disastrous results that we are seeing unfolding in front of us. The "brightest and the best" elite ended up with PhD’s firing off rounds in the jungle in Vietnam-who knows what will be the final act of tragedy from this administrations elite.

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