Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sarah Palin Shows Unerring Political Skills By Not Speaking At CPAC

Derided, mocked, called an idiot,  " not ready for the big time" by the elitist lame stream old timey (to use a Palinism) establishment commentators (from the left and right) Sarah Palin once again shows that her "from the people" political instincts are correct.

When Palin declined to speak at CPAC the media critics attacked her on two levels. Firstly her "avarice" for only (supposedly) speaking at events where she gets $100,000 and secondly for her supposed poor political judgement in passing up an opportunity to speak to the opinion makers and movers and shakers of the Republican party.

The avarice slur is of course well exploded, as one example amongst many, Palin will not be paid to speak at the forthcoming Southern Republican Leadership Conference . In respect of which it is an absolute delight to see a Palin critic having to publicly apologize for her poorly researched article stating Palin was being paid-these people are so caught up in their bias they rush into print and make fools of themselves.

As regards CPAC it is clearly understood that Palin did not speak because of the conventions associations with an extremist group-in other words she passed up the publicity opportunity to stand on principle. The MSM simply can't grasp that aspect of her character and as always looks for underlying motives which simply are not there.

Well the result of the straw poll are in and to everyone's astonishment and the complete surprise of the punditry Ron Paul ran away with the voting for most preferred candidate for President ! The media will explode and tar all attendees, especially the putative candidates, with the brush of extremism "nut jobs by association". Palin alone escapes this and at the end of the day Paul is not a serious contender for the nomination.

By not attending she was not in competition with the Paul followers in active vote solicitation and her third place ranking can be put down to the fact of her not being there. Who is the dumb one now eh?

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