Monday, February 1, 2010

Even The Washpo Is Linking Crist To A non-Republican run;Ask The Scozzafava Question Now

When will a journalist ask Charlie Crist the simple question that should have been asked of Dede Scozzafava "If you don't win will you  run as an Independent or endorse the Democrat or switch parties? "

The question must be asked so the voters in Florida can vote knowing exactly what and who they are voting for.The Leftist radical Daily Kos blog has been calling for Crist to switch to the Democratic Party "As he has no future as a Republican" and now the leftist Washington Post has suggested he might run as an Independent and split the vote.

When the Posts Chris Cillizza  asked the Crist campaign if that was something they might do they weasel word did not directly deny it according to Cillizza's report "an Independent bid is not something they are even considering"  and that they were in "different stages of the campaign".They have clearly left the door open  for Crist to switch or run as an Independant. There is a big difference with doing that if Crist has explicitly denied he would, and doing that without having stated absolutely one way or the other.

Ask Crist the question and whilst journalists are it, ask  Kay Bailey Hutchison in Texas the same question.

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