Saturday, February 13, 2010

Palin Is Now The New McCarthy-Next Up Will Be The AntiChrist (Or The Beast)

It seems Palin's "How's that hopey changey thing working out for ya" has driven the left-bloggers/MSM to new carpet chewing levels of insane rage.

Everything Palin-whether true or false ("black wristbands") is being dissected to the tiniest level for any possible fault. Anything even remotely peripherally associated with Palin e.g. "mad gunman supports Tea Party and Palin" is immediately circulated across the blogosophere.

They all agree Palin is "an unelectable rock star", "a celebrity not a politician", "a bad mother using her youngest as a prop". Maddow criticises Palin for not seeking publicity whilst the blogosphere claims she is just a publicity hound whilst Sullivan's obsession with writing about Palin grows and grows.

What is it with these people? How can a person who they so loftily dismiss as being of no consequence " I have decided not to write any more about her" they say (whilst writing more about her) worthy of such an unending and in fact increasing volume of vitriol ?

Palin is leaving a huge legacy for future doctrinal dissertations on the collective madness of the left in America-she is now, apparently, in their fevered minds the "Second coming of Joe McCarthy."

Next-without a doubt someone will describe her as "The coming of the AntiChrist" (or The Beast-which ever is worse or in sequence).

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