Saturday, February 6, 2010

Palin's Tea Party Speech Has Finally Driven The Left Insane.

It has taken a while but has been building up slowly but the point of utter insanity by the left as regards Sarah Palin has been reached-her Tea Party speech having put them, en-mass, over the top.

Amongst the childish inanities on the radical left blog "Kos" is an exposition of the forthcoming fascist regime headed by Palin (I kid you not). The analysis of what this regime of Christo-fascist Caesarism would look like is fascinating but the mechanism of achieving it is intriguing.

The mechanism is quite simple-assassination of her Presidential running mate by her "followers" (no doubt zombie Christians of some sort). However should she actually get the Presidential nomination it will be as a puppet of the master controller Cheney.Here for your delectation is the final descent into madness (with some amazingly tortuous logic) by the left.

"It's not fascism if she's elected

However, it is fascism if she isn't.

Or if she prevents further elections.

If she runs as VP, I don't think she'll add much. Her followers won't bet on her waiting around for someone else to die.

But they might kill the person who picks her as VP.

So she won't ever be picked again as VP.

If she runs as Prez, it's not enough for her to beat Obama/Biden. She'd have to pick someone who solidifies her coalition or who is really attractive on their own.

She might win by picking Cheney, mollifying more establishment types who will assume he will control her completely.

Or she could win by picking a high-ranking conservative general and going with a militaristic appeal.

I think we should hope that someone like Mitt wins. His Mormonism won't fly in conservative Democratic areas.

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