Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oy Gevalt ! Behar Thinks Palin Disrespects The President

Channeling her old country fishwife ( and I haven't seen dyed red (ish) teased out hair like hers since my dear late Grandma circa 1959) yenta Joy Behar took Sarah Palin to task for her 'How's that hopey changey thing working out for ya" comment when taking a fishknife to the "Teaparty Convention" with her fellow left wingers.

"After all, he is the President" she pleaded, "and deserves respect". Now perhaps my memory is a bit shady but perhaps, just perhaps, during the eight years of the Bush administration there might have been the odd disrespectful comment from Behar and thousands of lefty bloggers along the lines of  "Chimpy" or "Idiot"
and perhaps Letterman may have, just once perhaps, gone  beyond satire into very very mild disrespect.

I know we wouldn't normally think of the Democratic party supporters, especially in the MSM, disrespecting a Republican President so perhaps Palin should give the matter some thought before she says such an incredibly disrespectful thing in the future.

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