Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lib Charles Blow "I Won't Write About Palin Anymore" Gets Over 500 Comments About Palin

Liberal New York Times Columnist Charles Blow  in an oh so cleverly titled column "She Who Must Not Be Named" advised that he will henceforth not write anything about her

"This is it. This is the last time I’m going to write the name Sarah Palin until she does something truly newsworthy, like declare herself a candidate for the presidency. Until then, I will no longer take part in the left’s obsessive-compulsive fascination with her, which is both unhealthy and counterproductive."

He goes on to describe her as "the Zsa Zsa Gabor of Politics" in the typically liberal NYT condescending manner and describes as the main reason he will not give the world the benefit of any further elitist thoughts about Palin "until she does something truly newsworthy'-newsworthy in his exalted opinion of course as;

"Yet the left continues to elevate her every utterance so that they can mock and deride her. The problem is that this strategy continues to backfire".

The truly ironic, and in reality hilarious aspect of this, is that his column has generated, so far, over 500 angry, anti-Palin rants in the comments sections across the three liberal sites (Kos/Balloon Juice/NYT) that I took the time to count. They just can't help themselves, the very name Palin, even when being used in an article calling on the left to ignore her, incites such mad passions that nothing can be said or done to restore sanity.

In passing, I recall Rachel Maddow making the same comment on her television show "We will not mention the name Sarah Palin again" and the very next day Maddow showed up in waders, looking like a fool by the way, as some sort of dig at Palin being interviewed in her fishing boat whilst wearing waders. Such is the madness she sends these hard core liberals into.

I am getting more and more excited at the prospect of a Palin presidential campaign as the sight of the left exploding into uncontrolled madness-even when one of their own, like Blow, tells them it is unproductive, will be one of the best tools for her campaign success.It will reveal in broad daylight the true mechanism of liberal thought behind the mask-a world view built on a foundation of jealousy, misogyny, statism, redistribution, isolationism, mercantilism, restrictive unionism and anti-life.

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