Monday, December 6, 2010

The Palin's-Suitable As The First Family?

To answer the question, which has been raised by liberals especially, “Are the Palin’s suitable to be America’s First Family?” it would be instructive to compare them to previous and prospective First Families. That way it could be discerned if they, the Palin’s, meet the lofty standards set by previous leaders of America.

John F. Kennedy. Party: Democratic

According to John F. Kennedy had (at least) four affairs. The list includes Marilyn Monroe and Judy Campbell Exner. The latter was reputed to have been, as the same time as servicing JFK, also attending to a mafia leader Sam Giancana. Numerous other affairs, including, famously, with a prostitute just before the Nixon/Kennedy debate (whilst the Secret Service obligingly guarded the hotel room door) marked JFK’s life story.

Franklin D. Roosevelt. Party: Democratic

FDR had a “30 year affair” with his wife Eleanor’s social secretary Lucy Mercer, and, at the same time was having an affair with his own personal secretary, Miss Lehand (sic)
Understandably, the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was said to be having a lesbian affair with an Associated Press reporter Lorena Hancock (sic) in the White House itself, where she took up residence in 1940.

Bill Clinton. Party: Democratic

According to this linked site Arkansas state troopers helped solicit women for Bill Clinton’s alleged prodigious appetite which was said to include nude Penthouse model Gennifer Flowers and having oral sex performed on him in the White House by a young intern Monica Lewinsky.

The Clinton’s marriage was described as “a strange atmosphere to bring up a 12 year old child in.” There are too many adventures the Clinton’s engaged in over the course of his presidency-and her subsequent run (Hillary “misspeaking” about being “under fire” at an airport being one notable item) to deal with in this short summary.

John Kerry. Party: Democratic

Although a devout catholic Kerry’s first marriage was annuled in 1997 according to this site. His first wife suffered from depression and they were initially separated, then divorced in 1988. Kerry subsequently married an Heinz heiress with a fortune estimated at up to 3.2 billion dollars.

Harry S. Truman. Party: Democratic

Truman’s Father-In-Law was an alcoholic and suicide. Truman’s early career was one disaster after another “He failed at every business venture he tries” including as an haberdasher.

The local Missouri Democratic Party kingpin, Boss Prendergast, nominated Truman for County Commissioner but Prendergasts association with mobsters involved Truman in scandal. Truman stated “Prendergast is the price to pay for being in politics”

Fiercely supportive of his show business Daughter Margaret’s musical talents Truman wrote a personal letter to a music critic “Assailing him of his opinions” because the critic was less than kind reporting on Margaret’s abilities.

John Edwards. Party: Democratic

Edwards had an affair and fathered a child with a campaign aid Rielle Hunter whilst running for president and whilst his wife, Elizabeth was stricken with cancer. Edwards was alleged to have instructed an aid to say the child was the not Edwards but was his and is further alleged to have made a sex tape with Hunter

Jimmy Carter. Party: Democratic

Whilst serving as president, President Carter’s brother, Billy (Billy Beer”) Carter, who allegedly had a drinking problem, described himself as “The only sane one in the family”

Whilst promoting  his beer brand “Billy Beer” Billy Carter went to Libya to drum up business, describing that dictatorship as having " A hell of a lot more Arabians than Jews“. This venture led to the “Billygate” scandal as it was alleged Billy Carter received a $220,000 loan from Libyan sources which raised concerns about possible influence being put on his Brother, the president.

Teddy Kennedy; Party: Democratic

As would be expected there is simply not enough space in this brief summary to do justice to this gentleman’s life, loves and female relationships. All of which was deemed acceptable to his colleagues in the Democratic party during his abortive campaign for the presidency.

Woodrow Wilson. Party: Democratic

Wilson’s second wife connived to keep secret that Wilson had a massive stroke whilst in office. This left him blind in one eye and paralysed down on side of his body. She effectively ran the presidency at this time and blocked Vice President Thomas Marshall from seeing Wilson’s condition. This might have changed the course of history. If Marshall had taken over from the incapacitated president he might have had a better relationship with the Republican’s than the dogmatic Wilson, and thus enabled America to join the League of Nations-possibly stopping the European dictators in their tracks.

Lyndon B. Johnson. Party: Democratic

As famously catalogued in  the book“The Means Of Ascent” Johnson owed his rise to the senate by his team bribing the sheriffs to stuff ballot boxes.

He had a long term mistress who became pregnant. She refused an abortion and he had a son by her who was fatherless whilst Johnson pursued his career-which facts were not mentioned by the liberal media.

Grover Cleveland. Party: Democratic

Whilst running for president rumors that Cleveland had fathered a son whilst unmarried surfaced. There was some confusion regarding the matter however. The woman in question, Maria Halpin had been having relations with several men at the same time.

Her son Oscar Folsom Cleveland was named after both Cleveland and Cleveland’s law firm partner Folsom. Grover Cleveland took responsibility for supporting the child “As I was the only bachelor” amongst the various men involved. The Republican campaign song was “Ma Ma where’s my Pa? Gone to the White House ha ha ha”.

Cleveland, whilst in the White House subsequently married his ward, Frances Folsom, who was the 21 year old daughter of his law firm partner-he was 49 at the time.
Thus it can be seen that the liberal left and main stream media are setting a very high standard for the Palin’s to live up to. Some commentators on the right have viewed the liberal and republican elites as condescending, looking down on the Palin’s humble origins. It seems that Sarah and Todd’s example of a long marriage and fidelity may struggle to keep up with the standards set by peerless Democratic party exemplars.

Divorces, marriages, remarriages, infidelities, hypocrisy, business failures, debasing the office, hiding bastard children, lying, cheating, fixing elections, corrupt family associations, hiding from the press in the toilet, leaving the scene of an accident.

These are just some of the qualities these Democratic Party leaders present as challenge to subsequent seekers of the highest office in the land. Perhaps the Palin’s, in their humble lifestyle, are better off not trying to emulate their supposed betters, even if that doesn’t satisfy the elite.

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