Friday, December 3, 2010

Obama Makes Harding Look Good (With Buchanan [Updated:Pierce] On The Horizon) Palin Must Be The Better Choice.

I wrote the article below during the Gulf oil spill crisis and nothing that has happened since has in any way made the tenor of the article wrong in any respect. In point of fact, quite the contrary.

The air of disillusion in America has grown stronger, and the voters expressed what they thought about the direction of the country in unmistakable terms in the November elections.

Whether a particular policy of this administration is good or bad, whether the foreign policy is disastrous, and a myriad of other negatives, the overarching factor is that the most important thing which affects the average person-unemployment is getting worse.

9.8 headline unemployment "surprisingly" announced today-the rate of real unemployment is tragically much higher-is the ultimate confirmation of President Obama's failure.

The only change to the drift of the original post is that the presidents I compared him to have changed. In Krugman's latest column of despair on his lamented-hope and change president, to paraphrase,"what happened to the man we believed in, where is his spine"-a commentator said;

Obama is a caretaker president like Fillmore, Pierce and Buchanan whilst we wait for the agent of change".

When I wrote the original article Buchanan was the worst example I could think of at the time. Since then Obama has plumbed the depths to be at the level of Pierce who historians reckon as having been the absolute worst in history.

Like Pierce Obama will be a one termer and perhaps the only good thing we can hope for is that he will have cleared the ground for the true exponent of hope and change, President Palin. Let's hope in the remaining two years he doesn't emulate Fillmore, who is considered a laughing stock, their is nothing to laugh about frankly.

You know you are in trouble when even the foreign press says your credibility has hit "rock bottom" as is the case with this report in England's "Telegraph" from their Washington based correspondent Toby Harnden.

Harnden points to Obama's "soporific" press conference and his disastrous handling of the BP oil spill-which Harnden contrast poorly with G.W. Bush's Katrina role-pointing out that in the same duration, 39 days, Bush had visited the Katrina sites 7 times compared to Obama's 2 Gulf area visits.

The Sestak/Emmauel/Clinton/Specter affair also comes in for hard lines from Harnden who summarizes that Americans are now deeply disillusioned with their government and President.

However the best aspect of the piece is the pithy comment from a reader. Trust the British for the best in ironic humor, (if humor it sadly is) which advises that Obama has gone well past the most recent of incompetent presidents and is now surpassing what are considered two of the most incompetent presidents of all time

" This man is not only making President Carter look good, but also Presidents Grant, Harding, Nixon and Bush 43. What in the world were the Americans thinking? "

There is further to fall however-the depths of Pierce and Buchanan are yet to be breached-as breached they sadly will be.

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