Thursday, December 23, 2010

No, Giuliani Is Not A Stalking Or Dark Horse For Palin-He Should Be Her VP

Hot Air and Conservatives4Palin, amongst others, are running articles discussing whether Rudy Giuliani is either a stalking horse or dark horse candidate for 2012 to either block or assist Sarah Palin. Some see it as a positive for Sarah e.g. C4P as he could split the vote with Romney in New Hampshire, others see him as the Old Guard's final throw of the dice to deny her the nomination (as Romney appears to be sinking fast).

With all due respect to C4P the true case is on a different plane as the two links below clearly show.

Firstly Rudy offered a vigorous defense of Palin (and of course was her NYC/baseball mentor when Sarah visited New York-where the Letterman incident happened) when she came under attack.

Secondly Giuliani is, rather than a stalking horse,an ideal VP for Palin as set out previously

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