Saturday, December 18, 2010

Media/Anti-Palin Forces Hails Distorted Polls

In a previous analysis of the gross distortions in the television network polling on Sarah Palin I pointed out how, uniquely, the NBC and CBS polls have a distorted level of "Undecided" and in NBC's case (alone of all pollsters") a "Neutral" category.
The levels of undecided/neutral in the latest polls are 22% with NBC, and ridiculously, 29% with CBS.

The average of "Undecided " in the five latest polls from other polling outfits is 8.8%

The average of "Favorable" is 38.4%. This figure matches the putative Palin versus Obama poll which has Obama at 54% and Palin at 39%.

It is instructive to remember that, in election year '76 Ford was 25% behind Carter, and if a few thousand votes had switched here and there in the general election, Ford would have won.

Thus for CBS to have Palin's "Favorables" at 22% (16% below the average of the five latest polls) and NBC to have them at 28% shows a distortion unseen in polling of any other candidate too date.

In contrast and at this stage these are the only sort of polls that really have any bearing on the immediate situation "Palin leads GOP polls in Wisconsin and Ohio"

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