Wednesday, December 1, 2010


One major change from Palin’s “Going Rogue” book signing tour has been the emergence of what appears to be a steely determination, supported by a striking enthusiasm, as Palin’s supporters ask her to run in 2012. This is very evident in the print media reports where journalists remark on this phenomenon, and it is clearly seen in the television clips from her various stops.

Her first tour was remarkable for a tremendous outpouring of emotion, and the attendence was possibly augmented by curiosity seekers.This tour is possibly less well attended, which is natural given the generally smaller locales she is stopping at, but the enthusiasm seems, if possible, stronger. It is noticeable also that the enthusiasm this time is of a different nature, seemingly having an undercurrent of looking forward rather than being a result of the emotion of the moment.

It would seem that Palin’s supporters have gone on a journey with her over the last year, and the endless media attacks on her have reinforced a strong determination to, as one lady put it, “support her in any direction forward she wants to go”. This forward-looking support is clearly that of people who are determined to vote for and campaign for “a real American who shares our values,” as person after person has described Palin.

It was interesting to note that, while there was some of the usual “run Sarah run” chanting by the crowd, this was also a message delivered straight to the Governor as well as to the media when asked. It was done in an eye-to-eye, person-to-person manner which reflected a mature, thought-out decision by people who have a vision of a renewed America, and who have determinedly decided whom they have chosen to lead this country towards that vision.

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