Tuesday, December 15, 2015

UPDATE Trump 31 ahead of Cruz;Second Iowa Poll In A Row Confirms Trump Leads. Hits Highest Aggregate Nationally

New Morning Consult Poll Trump 40% Cruz 9%. Trump only 31 ahead of surging Cruz Monmouth Trump 41% ABC Trump 38%

All the "Trump is doomed because he is behind Cruz in Iowa who is experiencing a "massive surge" ballyhoo is quickly fading as all the previous Trump Doom memes have. There is a new one today "Trump is about to get fired" which is destined to join the other 963 or so previous.

The Des Moines Bloomberg poll which had Cruz at 31% and Trump at 21% a huge 10 points behind has seen two new polls taken after his Muslim immigration halt statement which puts Trump back in the lead at 28% a rise of 7 points whilst Cruz has dropped 6. 

Nationally Real Clear Politics now includes the latest ABC poll which when included in the aggregate average puts Trump substantially ahead of the field at 33% a lead of 169 points and above the supposed "Trump has a ceiling of 30%" meme.