Monday, December 7, 2015

Obama And Media's Forgotten Terrorist Attack Of 12/12 Against Christian Conservatives And Palin

Writing "American Thinker" Ben Voth in his article 'President Obama's Theophobia" Voth considers what he sees as Obama's (and his enablers) deep commitment to secular values.

"By refusing to confront his fears about Jews, Christians, and Muslims, he consigns our policies against terrorism to inevitable failure and inflammation of the problem." 

In canvassing this, which he does with great insights Voth also considers the extent to which Obama and the media dismiss any notion of terrorism against conservatives and especially Christian conservative women, with Governor Palin as a major example;

Ben Voth:
"It is appropriate that as we approach the anniversary of December 12, we think more carefully about this administration’s theophobia.  What happened on December 12?  Apparently nothing of note.  But on that date in 2008, barely one month after the election that brought President Obama to power, the church of Sarah Palin was burned around the entire perimeter, with women and children inside.  

This Rwandan-style political hate crime was not investigated by the Justice Department.  The crime was the climax of a season of intense ridicule and personal attacks against Sarah Palin, designed to make sure she and everyone like her would be silent going forward.  

President-elect Obama made no public rebuke of the crime.  Firefighters fought the blaze with temperatures more than 10 below zero outside.  When I tell students about this today, rarely do I encounter anyone who is even aware of the crime.
Our silence and that of the media signifies a gateway of political violence.  It is okay to view people like Sarah Palin as enemies.  It is okay to engage in terrorism against such women.  

It is okay for the media not to comment or editorialize against such terrorizing crimes.  Internationally, Christians are not acknowledged as the victims of genocide in Iraq and Syria.  The president refuses to prioritize victims of genocide, pretending that such a priority is somehow un-American or discriminatory.  Refusing to admit these victims in greater numbers is the discriminatory act by the administration. "

The utter dismissal of such a terrible, in fact possibly cataclysmic hate crime by President Obama and the mass media is a terrible stain on Obama's "legacy" and a major contributor to the fall of the mass leftist media whilst enabling the rise, in fury  of the Tea Party.

Everything president Obama and the media says in respect of terrorism in America must be viewed through the distorted prism of their utter failure on 12/12/08

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